Who Is Chris D'Elia's Girlfriend And Baby Mama? Everything To Know About Kristin Taylor

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Who Is Chris D'Elia's Girlfriend And Baby Mama? Everything To Know About Kristin Taylor
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Comedian Chris D'Elia is facing a lot of scrutiny right now. Recently, multiple claims of sexual harassment have come out against him through social media. Many of the women who are accusing him were also underage at the time of the alleged harassments.

D'Elia has had a lot going on in just this year. Not only did his new Netflix special, No Pain, premiere, but he's also expecting a baby with his girlfriend. And until recently, he did a pretty good job of keeping her identity under wraps.

Who is Chris D'Elia's girlfriend? Thanks to the sleuthing of a few fans, we now know that the 40-year-old is dating Kristin Taylor, and it sounds like things between them are getting pretty serious (what with the baby and all).

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So, who is Kristin Taylor? This is what we know so far about her, and the harassment claims against D'Elia.

Until recently, fans didn't know much about who D'Elia was dating.

Despite talking about himself in his comedy and on his podcast, Congratulations With Chris D'Elia, this comedian doesn't tend to share details about his personal life. He's made it clear that he does have a significant other, but when he talks about her, he doesn't use her name — instead, he refers to her in a vague way, like calling her "my lady."

But thanks to the sleuthing of fans on Reddit, people put the pieces together and realized that D'Elia is dating a woman named Kristin Taylor and has been for a few years now, thanks to photos that have surfaced of the two of them together. 

Who is D'Elia's girlfriend? She's an animator.

Taylor works as a stop-motion animator and artist at Hi Big Dog Media, a company she founded herself, as she explains in the bio on her website.

"I am a stop-motion animator, and the creator of HI BIG DOG Media," Taylor writes. "Born and raised in North Carolina, I made a quick stop in the heartland to earn my Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri. It was here that I met and adopted my angel dog, Cooper, who is the inspiration behind this media group."

Taylor also keeps a low profile online.

Unfortunately, what she shares on her company's website is just about the extent of the intel that exists out there about Taylor — it seems like she's a pretty private person.

In fact, Taylor's Instagram is private, and while her Twitter account is public, she doesn't share anything about her personal life on there. It's starting to make sense why she and D'Elia get along so well! 

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D'Elia recently announced that he and Taylor were expecting a baby.

On a recent episode of his podcast, D'Elia shared that Taylor is pregnant, although he didn't go into much detail. 

"I've gotta tell you something, dude. I'm having a f**kin'...we're havin' a baby," he said in the podcast episode, which debuted in December 2019. "That's right. Now I don't share this a lot — I don't share my personal life a lot. Dude, your boy's having a f**king baby. Does it make me nervous to talk about it? Yes, because, you know, that's real life. And it's not just me bullshitting and making fart noises." 


While D'Elia's Wikipedia page notes that the baby was born in 2020, we can't find any evidence that he and Taylor have welcomed their child just yet.

There aren't many photos of the two of them together out there. 

Being that Taylor and D'Elia have kept their relationship almost entirely off of social media, it's no surprise that there aren't many photos of them together out there, although in 2018, an eagle-eyed fan did manage to find a few of them looking very coupled up, though it's hard to say where these photos came from.

D'Elia's never gotten too personal on social media.

Hearing D'Elia's podcast and looking at his Instagram account, it seems like he keeps things all business if possible and hasn't shared any super personal details about himself, Taylor, or their relationship.

It's hard to say if this will change in the future as he becomes a father for the first time but we're definitely interested to see what comes next for them.

Multiple sexual harassment claims have come out against D'Elia.

The Twitter world blew up recently after a user named Simone came forward with sexual harassment allegations against the comedian. She shared screenshots of conversations that had occured between her and D'Elia back in 2014. At the time, she was only 16. 

On Twitter, she wrote and called out the comedian by his name, writing, "For the longest time i thought it was embarrassing for me that i was interacting with this older man but he was the one who DM'd me on twitter and was the one who was twice my age and was the one that used the power imbalance between us to his advantage so f*** chris d'elia."

In another tweet, Simone wrote, "I am also definitely not the only underage girl he did this too. just an FYI. For the longest time i thought this was just a funny story to tell at parties when i realized what happened isn't normal and that he was and could still be doing this to younger girls and it's my job to say something."

She also explained that she never actually met up with D'Elia, because she already had a boyfriend who was her own age. 

It didn't take long for the tweets to go viral and many more accusers came forward with similar claims against D'Elia. Most of the women who are accusing D'Elia of harassment were also underage during their alleged encounters with him.

Female comedians have also jumped into the conversation, such as Lane Moore who tweeted, "Who could've known Chris D'Elia was a creep other than anyone who's ever looked at him or heard him say things."

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in April 2020 and was updated with the latest information.