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The Disturbing Chainsmokers Hamptons Video That Has Fans Outraged

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The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are in serious trouble with just about everyone on Twitter after videos of their “socially distant” drive-in charity concert showed a packed crowd completely disregarding social distancing

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Did The Chainsmokers hold a concert during the pandemic?

The Chainsmokers played what was supposed to be a “socially distant” drive-in concert on the night of Saturday, July 25. According to TMZ, every concert-goer had their temperature checked before being allowed onto the concert grounds, and masks and hand sanitizer were provided to the attendees free of charge.

However, thanks to the power of social media, videos of the so-called socially distant concert started making the rounds on Twitter, and although some precautions were seemingly taken, it’s evident that not everyone followed the rules.

Where was The Chainsmokers concert held?

The Chainsmokers held their drive-in charity concert at Nova’s Ark Project in the Hamptons in New York. 

In an exclusive statement to Page Six, the duo said, “While we’ve been recording our new album most of the year, it’s given us the opportunity to listen and learn about problems in our society and we have taken giving back and supporting change very seriously. Also, helping local small businesses in a place near and dear to us is the least we could do.”

Tickets reportedly went from $1,000 - $25,000, and all profits from the benefit show went to Fresh Air Fund, No Kid Hungry, and Children’s Medical Fund of New York.

What are people saying about The Chainsmokers?

To say that fans and music lovers from all over were shocked when they saw footage from the concert might be the understatement of the year, which is saying a lot for 2020. 

“I’m going to assume everyone who went to the Chainsmokers concert already had corona since one of the well known symptoms of the virus is having absolutely (0) taste,” one Twitter user quipped, while another said, “Imagine risking both you and your best friend’s grandmother’s lives to go a Chainsmokers concert.”

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One Twitter user even pointed out the irony of attending a concert for The Chainsmokers in the middle of the COVID pandemic, writing, “There has to be some irony in people risking exposure to a respiratory virus so they could see The Chainsmokers perform.”

However, some people didn’t see the issue with going to The Chainsmokers show. 

Musical act Lundon defended his decision to attend the concert, and insisted that the majority of people stayed in their cars and the appropriate spots marked for social distancing. He even made the claim that the video circulating around Twitter was an old video.

“There were specific squares marked on the ground that you were able to get out walk around and stand on the roof of your car,” he said. “That video is an old video so go **** yourself. If you have a problem come confront me in person in NYC. I’m done responding to this.”

Will The Chainsmokers get in trouble for holding a concert during a pandemic?

It’s unclear if The Chainsmokers will face any actual consequences for their not-so socially distant drive-in concert, other than being blasted by fans and those in the music industry. 

The Chainsmokers have yet to address the backlash they’re receiving for holding their controversial concert.

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