White Magic Spell To Bind & Protect

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White Magic Spell To Bind & Protect

If you need a white spell to bind and protect, here's one that works.

We all have times where we feel we need to call upon our guides for protection; for the safety of others and for ourselves. A white magic spell to bind and protect can help provide this for you.

In these times where we feel we feel powerless and questioning what we can do to keep the people we love safe, the white witch might call upon binding for protection.

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Binding is a way to prevent witches from using magic with negative intentions; as white witches often push for forgiveness, peace, and are against the use of curses.

Binding is an ancient practice and should be used sparingly; magic this old holds a lot of power that inexperienced witches may not want to utilize when first starting off on their path, contrary to popular belief.

A popular use for binding is for relationships, in the hopes of keeping partners together; we see this in handfasting ceremonies at weddings.

If someone is bothering you or someone you love and you wish to remove this person without causing them harm, binding can be a powerful tool.

While it should be practiced with caution, knowing that these spells are made to last, here is a simple binding spell to protect yourself or anyone else.

Ingredients Needed For A White Magic Binding Spell:

A plastic container

Moon water

Cayenne pepper seasoning (or sauce)

Paper and pen



Optional: a shovel

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How to perform your binding spell for protection

1. Cast a circle of protection around yourself or the person you are attempting to protect.

This is done by closing your eyes and envisioning the recipient of protection with a golden or white light surrounding them. Meditate on this imagery for a few minutes to draw the circle, entirely around them, as though in a sphere of light.

2. Fill a plastic bag, container or bottle about halfway or more with moon water.

Moon water is made by sitting out a jug of water under the light of the full moon, absorbing her energies. It is often used as an offering in spell work for any deities or higher powers you give your faith to.

Try to collect water from a natural source for more potent magic, but what you have on hand works just as well!.

3. Add some hot cayenne pepper to your container.

This can be used as a sauce, oil, seasoning, or actual peppers. You don’t need to add much; stop adding when you feel content.

The intention of the spicy pepper is to create a negative taste in the mouth of the person causing harm when thinking of their victim. This is a way to guide them away from you without placing a hex on them. Alternatively, you can also use ground black pepper, lemons, or anything with a sour or spicy taste that feels unpleasant in large quantities.

4. Using the paper and pen, write down the name of the person who is bothering you or your loved one in the middle of the piece of scrap paper.

Fold the paper away from you; you don’t want to fold it towards you because it will be calling them to you rather than away.

5. Repeat this process two more times, for a total of three times.

Three is a magical number in rituals to manifest your desires. If you feel inclined to fold away from you any more or less than advised that is fine; this magic is what you make of it.

6. You will then want to wrap the container in white yarn, string, or rope, to keep their energies bound to the container.

When done, place it in the back of the freezer; this is called “freezing out” someone, isolating them away from the person they’re hurting.

7. Visualize this person removed from your life entirely.

Ask yourself what life looks like without them and play with the visuals in your head about how you’ll feel happier, freer without this problem in your life.

After you are done meditating the spell is complete and you can move on with your life knowing this person will be dissipating in your history shortly.

It is important to note that if forgiveness does happen and you want to resolve this relationship, you can go out and dig a hole with your shovel, burying your container. However, binding is very ancient and difficult to undo.

If you are in a pinch, drawing a circle mentally as done in the initial step is a good way to create a boundary for negative energies coming inward.

Binding is a powerful magic that white magic witches can use in lieu of hexing and cursing to protect themselves and their community. And while it should be used more sparingly than other spell work mediums, will result in a successful boundary being drawn.

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