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What Is Tayvoodoo? Why Some Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Has Magical Powers And Orchestrated Kanye's Breakdown

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What Is Tayvoodoo? Why Some Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Has Magical Powers And Orchestrated Kanye's Breakdown

Taylor Swift may be wildly successful, but her career hasn't been without controversy — and she's certainly made some enemies in the entertainment industry. But it doesn't seem to be a very good idea to be on Swift's bad side — and not just because she isn't afraid to tell the truth about what's really going on behind the scenes. 

There's a theory some Swift fans have floating out there about why bad things seem to happen to anyone who crosses the singer ... and given Kanye West's current struggle, it's easy to see why they might believe she has the power to deliver a specific kind of karma. 

What is Tayvoodoo — and does Taylor Swift have magical powers that caused Kanye West's breakdown?

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Swift fans have been tweeting about Tayvoodoo since West's Twitter storm. 

Earlier this week, West made headlines for his South Carolina campaign rally and subsequent disturbing tweets (many of which have been deleted) about how he almost aborted daughter North West and that wife Kim Kardashian had been trying to get him "locked up" for what he was saying publicly. Since then, many of Swifts fans have been tweeting that this is "Tayvoodoo" coming to get him — that the universe is delivering karma based on the ways West has treated Swift poorly in the past, like when he interrupted her at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards or when the full audio from his controversial call with Swift about his song, "Famous," leaked and proved that she had been telling the truth all along. 

What is Tayvoodoo? It's basically karma coming for someone who has wronged Swift. 

As one fan explained in an interview recently, as a concept, "Tayvoodoo" is just about the way that Swift never seeks out revenge, instead waiting for the universe to do that for her.

"It's based off the fact that every celebrity who does her wrong gets wronged somewhere down the road, whether it has to do with the drama they gave her or not," the fan explained.

It's happened several times in the past. 

Tayvoodoo isn't new — fans have been pointing it out for a long time. Some have attributed Kacey Musgraves' divorce from Ruston Kelly as an example after Musgraves was caught liking posts from Scooter Braun, one of Swift's adversaries, or when Justin Bieber's single, "Yummy," wasn't as successful as he'd hoped after he spoke out against Swift when defending his manager, Braun. 

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Fans tweet most about it when it has to do with Kardashian or West. 

It seems as though those who believe in Tayvoodoo seem to celebrate the most when something bad comes Kardashian or West's way. When Kardashian first released the call between Swift and West over the "Famous" debacle, people got #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trending and since then, Swifties have been sure to create similar hashtags if Kardashian or West is accused of making any kind of misstep. 

Swift herself has never commented on the Tayvoodoo phenomenon. 

If Swift Is aware of Tayvoodoo, she's never made that public — and it certainly doesn't seem like it's something she'd want to acknowledge. After all, it's not surprising if she wouldn't want to take credit for another star's downfall, especially since it doesn't seem like she's actually had anything to do with others' bad luck in the first place. 

Tayvoodoo isn't actually real, though —​ or is it?

Swift doesn't actually have magical powers — it seems like all of this is just a coincidence. For now, it seems like Swift fully plans to continue minding her own business, even when it comes to what's happening to West, Bieber, Braun, or anyone else who she may have had drama with in the past. 

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