31 Best Hostess Gifts For Summer

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31 Best Hostess Gifts For Summer

Though summer 2020 soirées are certainly on the — how shall we say? — more intimate side these days, given that we're living amid a pandemic, it's still in good taste to not arrive empty-handed when you're arriving at a get-together.

And if you're unsure what are the best gifts to get a host, we've gathered 31 of the best hostess gifts for summer — and beyond.

No matter the personality type of the person you're visiting within your COVID-19 bubble, there's something for everyone on this list, especially if you want to be a little bit more inventive than just arriving with a bottle of wine. (Although that's always a winning option, too.) And hey, if you're not comfortable making visits yet, not to stress: you can always buy these gifts online for yourself, too! *wink*

1. Buckhead Gift Work Box

Great for any workspace, home or office — especially since we're all working from home these days — and includes fresh smelling cucumber hand spray and hand cream for clean, soft hands and tech wipes to keep your screen and phone pristine and free from germs.

(Buckhead Gift Co., $65)

2. Bitter Orange Candle

A quality candle is always a superb hostess gift. First tossed in the back room of the founder's San Francisco shop on Taylor Street, this potpourri fragrance is full of flowers, herbs,  and spices and has been described by The New York Times as “uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal.”

(Amazon, check for prices)

3. Tipsy Scoop Ice Cream Cookbook

For the host who loves ice cream (and booze!) Tipsy Scoop's founder Melissa Tavss is revealing some of their all-time favorite boozy ice cream recipes to the world. The book includes over 40 recipes, tips and tricks: a scrumptious summer gift. 

(Tipsy Scoop, $19.99)

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4. Lavender Diffuser

Inviting lavender combines with pine needle and coriander for a unique herbaceous fragrance that will make any room in your home smell divine. 

(Amazon Handmade, check for prices)

5. Fruit Basket Tackle Box

You can never go wrong with gifting candy. This Fruit Basket Tackle Box is bursting with gummy strawberries, peaches, cherries, oranges and more. 

(Dylan's Candy Bar, $26)

6. Sea Kelp & Peppermint Hand Soap

This sea kelp and peppermint hand soap from Baylis & Harding uses only the finest, natural and organic extracts and essential oils. A luxurious touch to any bathroom.

(Target, $5.99)

7. Rosa Tequila

For the tequila-loving host, Código 1530 Rosa is a refined spirit with a natural color as beautiful as its taste. It's rested just long enough in fine cabernet barrels to enrich its natural agave juice, yet not too long to prevent overpowering its delicate floral notes.

(Drizly, $63.99)

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8. Buzz Bundle Box

Handcrafted in New Zealand, this bee bundle from Honeybunch Naturals is loaded with love, lavender, and wellness. The fragrance from  the lavender plant oil is believed to help promote calmness and wellness and it also contains lots of other buzz-y goodies, too, like sleepy time lotion, epsom bath salt, and manuka honey vegetable soap.

(Honeybunch Naturals, prices vary)

9. Front Porch Candle

Jasmine, gardenia, and peach: This candle has all your favorite southern notes and will remind you of sitting on the porch on a cool summer night. (Social good bonus: a portion of each purchase is donated to fund classroom needs through Donorschoose.)

(Amazon, check for prices)

10. Embroidered Tablecloth 

Whether you are planning a weekend picnic, a trip to the beach, or a dinner party with friends and family, this hand-embroidered tablecloth will be sure to dress up the occasion.

(Frances Valentine, $258)

11. Custom Summer Notepad

75 sheet personalized notepad, embossed with summertime staples: popsicles, ice cream, and sno-cones, of course.

(Dogwood Hill, $26)

12. Peach Truck Summer Trio

This summer peach trio combines the best of outdoor cookouts with the freshness of Georgia peaches. The gift set includes signature peach salsa, habanero peach hot sauce, and the company's signature peach BBQ Sauce which is perfect on wings, ribs, or on its own: it's that good.

(The Peach Truck, $33)

13. Coconut Rum

Refreshingly smooth with luscious warm coconut and fresh tropical fruit flavor, this rum pairs brilliantly with club soda and lime, or is an excellent base for mixing summer drinks with fresh fruit.

(Spiribam, $21.99)

14. Daily Planner

For the busy Type-A host, this agenda planner is a simple organizational system to find balance, focus and productivity. Monthly calendar views help keep track of the big-picture and stay on top of long-term projects and daily planning pages help set goals and create a plan.

(Amazon, check for prices)

15. Pizza Care Package

Give the gift of pizza night delivered straight to your door. Oath's bestselling pizza comes ready to cook (or grill!) to perfection in the comfort of your own kitchen. A perfect socially-distanced dish to make and eat.

(Oath Pizza, $54)

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16. Swiss Army Watch

A masterpiece in feminine form, this Swiss Army timepiece embodies timeless elegance, striking the balance between sophistication and simplicity. 

(Amazon, check for prices)

17. Ice Cream Bath Bombs

Notes of clean, tart Meyer lemons, delicate African violets and Egyptian musk, these hand-scooped solid bubble bath bars are a sweet addition to anyone's bubble bath ritual.

(Nectar Bath Treats, $22)

18. Cocktail-In-A-Can

Pineapple and coconut flavors combine with a unique citrus mix for a vacation state of mind (since that's the best most of us can do these days!)

(Cutwater Cocktails, $84 for a 24-pack)

19. Decorative Storage Boxes

Elegant shapes inspired by Japan and swooping cranes are beautiful against a grey finish in this set of storage boxes, which serve to add beauty to your home and provide a decorative storage solution.

(Laura Ashley, $88)

20. Wildflower Rye Whiskey

This Wildflower-infused whiskey is made with honeysuckle for a sweet treat packed with flavor and a smooth finish. Mix with lemonade for a perfect day-time cocktail or sip on the rocks for an evening drink.

(Drizly, $27.99)

21. Classic Floral Bundle Set

Inspired by Parisian-style hat boxes, this iconic arrangement will instantaneously freshen up any room.

(Venus ET Fleur, $149)

21. Outdoor Rug

From the Jill Zarin outdoor rug collection, this zig-zag print will brighten up any porch or patio — which is where nearly all get-togethers are taking place these days.

(, $169)

22. Energy Candle

Because all we can go on right now is positive vibes, right? Made with flourite, this candle aims to radiate good juju, especially on sad, gloomy days.

(Chiji, $39.99)

23. Mud Mask

Made with Dead Sea mineral mud, clays, Vitamin E and antioxidants to help deep clean, unclog pores,  and remove excess oils. Use on your face and body for a full at-home spa treatment.

(Jafra, $22)

24. Halva Trio

Halva comes from the Arabic word for ‘sweet’ and it’s a confection made from tahini (sesame seeds) and cane sugar with a melt-in-your mouth texture. You can eat it on its own (like fudge), use for baking (cookies, brownies), or eat as part of a shared cheese board/dessert platter.

(Amazon, check for prices)

25. DIY Doughnut Making Kit

You can now create Doughnuttery's sugared mini doughnuts right in your own kitchen in flavors like coco lemon, lemon pop, speckled strawebrry, and cinnamon. Because doughnuts = love. 

(Amazon, check for prices)

26. Bamboo Cutting Board

A chic, durable addition to any kitchen, these cutting boards are spacious and roomy for a variety of kitchen tasks and cutting.

(Amazon, check for prices)

27. 2-in-1 Humidifier And Essential Oil Diffuser

Fill any room in your home with your favorite essential oils, while enjoying the humidifier’s cool mist. Win/win.

(Amazon, check for prices)

28. Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Decluttering goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your home or work space and this gorgeous bamboo silverware organizer does just the trick. 

(Amazon, check for prices)

29. Brownie Tin

Straight from Chelsea Market's Fat Witch in New York City, these yummy chocolate brownies come in a gift pack variety including blonde, caramel, and walnut brownie "babies."

(Fat Witch Bakery, $35)

30. Banana Bread Cookies

You don't have to wait for your bananas to brown to enjoy these soft, moist cookies that taste exactly like real banana bread.

(Bubble Goods, $28.99)

31. New York Brunch Spread

Any New Yorker (current or former) or food lover will go wild for this mouth-watering spread: New York’s finest Nova, all natural cream cheese, hand-rolled bagels, chocolate babka, and Private Blend coffee with a Russ & Daughters mug. It also includes a Russ & Daughters insulated bag, and is the perfect for a gift for a gathering of up to 6 people.

(Gold Belly, $179)

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