What Is A Green Witch?

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What Is A Green Witch?

A Green witch is a lover of nature. Many people would probably say that they love the earth, love being outdoors, and love all animals.

But they tend to contradict their love for nature and our precious planet by polluting their communities and harming the animals for their own pleasure.

Green witches, however, are true to their words and their passion for all life.

Not only do Green witches exude a love for all, but they find different ways to improve our world.

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What is a Green witch, and what is her craft?

Green witches are magical people. I know, the initial sound of a witch who is green sounds a little creepy. But once you go beyond their name and venture into their world full of life and light, you will see just how powerful Green witches are.

A Green witch is connected to the natural and spiritual world. She knows how to use earth elements to create divinations by using plants and wildlife.

What is a Green witch and her lifestyle involve?

The life of a Green witch is a route where she will venture to find her spiritual purpose and help her understand her sense of self throughout life.

What is a Green witch and her community?

The Green witch communes with the land and heavily relies on plants, herbs, and flowers to feel a sense of how she can effectively heal herself and the environment.

What does a Green witch use for spellcasting?

She will almost certainly have a garden full of her herbs and plants to create her potions in the most natural way possible. A Green witch has a very personal and deep connection to her vegetation and land. This leads to a fruitful harvest both in her practices and spiritually.

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You may not be a believer of magic and I will admit that I sometimes divert my attention from the claims of most. But upon reading more about Green witches, I see amazing people and learn that the magic they act upon is not the kind you see in the Harry Potter series.

There are many misconceptions about witches such as they can only be women, they use frog feet and eyes of newts for their potions, and they have warts on their noses. I hate to break it to the crowd, but green witches and witches, in general, are not the scary, mystical creatures we once thought they were.

According to the Witchipedia (a conveniently accessible tool for learning more about these people), “Witches are often quite attuned to the cycles of nature and may (or not) practice astrology as a way to enhance this connection. To a Green Witch, all-natural places are sacred, and reducing her damaging human footprint on the Earth is more than a lifestyle choice but a sacred duty.”

What is a Green witch's spellbook?

The Green Witch has a book of spells and potions called a grimoire or Book of Shadows. This is the best way for her to keep track of her everyday life and experiences. She will also track the vegetables and herbs she plants, new plant species she finds, and any animal that crosses her path.

Within the land of the Green Witch, there is a spirit called the genius loci, which translates to “spirit of the place” in Latin. This protective spirit makes sure that the Green Witch and her property are always protected from any negative energy or people that might cross her land.

By caring for her gardens and land tentatively and practicing sacred meditation, the Green Witch will have a special bond with the spirits of the land and the natural world.

What is a Green witch's relationship to nature?

One of the most important ways to bond with nature and the spirits is to ask permission for anything she takes from the land. The Green Witch will not take more than she needs, which is something that many of us do not know how to do. Conservation and living a life of our needs rather than our wants is the purest form of living.

Many of you may or may not know about spirit animals. They are essentially our guides toward living a very fulfilling life. The Green Witch looks toward her spirit animal(s) for guidance and spiritual development.

The Green Witch should not be looked at as a scary or demonic person. She is a divine being who chooses to live as purely as possible. Hey, you never know if you might have the spirit of the Green Witch living inside of your heart.

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