What Does The TikTok July 25 Future Joke Mean?

At this point in 2020, anything is possible.

What Does The TikTok July 25 Future Joke Mean? getty

Over a year ago, TikTok user Jaxon Joko posted a video of a "Future Joke" as he likes to call it. 

In the video, he claims that no one will understand the joke until July 25, 2020.

"Hey man, did you get the jukers from the store?" he asks in the mirror.

"Nah, they were all sold out. You know, Tuesdays, am I right?" he replies.

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Now, with 2020 being the year it has been so far, this TikTok is extremely scary. 

Many TikTok users have also commented that July 25, 2020 actually falls on a Saturday, making the "Tuesdays" part of the joke even more confusing.

Another user claims to have figured it out, posting a TikTok showing the Urban Dictionary definition of "juker."

"A juker is a carton/gallon of milk that has been spoiled for too long, so companies place artificial preservatives into it to prevent wasting the milk entirely. These preservatives cause the milk to have a tangy taste, which, if consumed at the right temperature, can give the person drinking it a high that lasts for 3-4 days," the definition goes. "It’s commonplace in office and work environments to take jukers at the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday etc) so the high lasts until the weekend."


Personally, I almost do not even want to know what he means. It's like 2020 continues to escalate in chaos as we progress through each month. 

January started with fires in Australia where billions of animals were killed and the Coronavirus outbreak was first reported. Also, Kobe and Gigi Bryant were among nine people killed in a helicopter crash. Oh, and the UK withdrew from the European Union. An Iranian plane crashed. World War 3 almost started. 

By February, the Coronavirus pandemic went into full swing throughout the world. 

In March, most of the world went into lockdown to help slow the virus' spread and everything was either canceled or postponed indefinitely. Shutdowns happened throughout the world and cruise ships were stuck in the water with sick passengers. Oh, and the United States economy crashed. 


And April, well, let's not forget about those murder hornets as protests broke out against the stay-at-home orders. 

In May and June, protests began in the United States after the wrongful death of George Floyd all while the pandemic continues to rage on and locusts swarmed Kenya

And here we are, about to hit that July 25 mark and unable to fathom just what else 2020 can bring. So, I can only imagine what this TikTok future joke means if it is actually going to come true. 


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Sure, right now this video makes absolutely no sense. But if he is a time traveler, and this is for real, then it only makes 2020 all that scarier. 

It's important to note that this TikTok user's bio claims that he turns 18 on July 25 — meaning this "future joke" is quite possibly all an elaborate scheme for his birthday. Nevertheless, he has since amassed a decent following on TikTok after posting the joke, with the video itself boasting 5 million views.

Regardless, it won't hurt to be aware of this joke come July 25, 2020 because it very well could be a joke that actually makes sense. 


Now I am officially more scared to see what the rest of this year looks like. 

If this TikTok future joke is true, then everyone buckle up, because 2020 is not done throwing us curveballs. 

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