What It Means When People Write 'GRWM' On TikTok & Other Social Media

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These days, it seems like the second you become comfortable with one social media platform, everyone has moved on to the next.

And with each new app comes a whole slew of new slang terms and acronyms that no one ever really defines, we’re kind of just left to use context clues and figure it out.

Such is the case with "GRWM," an acronym that has been appearing all over the Internet.

What does GRWM mean?

GRWM is an acronym that means "get ready with me."

It’s typically used to refer to content on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram that focuses on showing the vlogger getting ready and invites their followers to see their routine. This can include doing their hair and makeup, picking out an outfit, or their skincare regimen.

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Origins of GRWM

The term "GRWM" first became popular with YouTube influencers. And though the actual acronym may seem new to TikTokers, GRWM videos have been around for years on YouTube.

Some of the most popular YouTube vloggers — like Casey Neistat, Lilly Singh, and iJustine — have all produced some version of the GRWM style video over the years, without necessarily calling it a "GRWM."

Now that other social media platforms have evolved to incorporate longer-tail videos, GRWM videos are also popular on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

How do you use GRWM on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media?

You’ll typically see the term in the caption or title of a video, as well as a hashtag.



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For example, the most popular GRWM video on YouTube is titled "GRWM: Get Ready With Jahnvi Kapoor | Brunch Makeup Look," and shows the actress' makeup routine for a brunch party.

The same video on TikTok would be hashtagged #GRWMhomecoming so it comes up when people search that topic.

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There are a few different types of GRWM videos.

As the use of the GRWM-style video has evolved, so has the GRWM meaning.

GRWM videos can be straightforward, with the creator simply explaining their morning routine and showcasing the products they use.

It’s a popular style of video for influencers reviewing products, but has also been used by vloggers who don’t necessarily specialize in this style of content but who have been asked in comments about their different routines.



Other GRWM videos may be more of a one-off, showing the creator getting ready for a specific occasion, such as for a wedding or even packing for vacation.

These videos may also be called “chit chat” or “chatty” GRWM videos in which the actual getting ready is secondary to the vlogger telling a story or doing a Q&A.

For example, YouTube vlogger Bailey Sarian is known for posting GRWM makeup videos while telling serial killer stories.

Basically, any social media video meant to feature the content creator's routine is a GRWM video.

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