Why Did Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood Break Up? New Details About Their Messy Split

Grab some popcorn, Bachelor Nation.

Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood Breakup Drama Explained Instagram / Cassie Randolph / Colton Underwood

Former Bachelor sweethearts Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, who appeared on Season 23 of the wildly popular reality television show almost two years ago, have seemingly remained cordial to one another after they announced their shocking split on Instagram in May.

Why did Cassie and Colton break up?

A source told Glamour that there was no animosity between the two, and the pair’s relationship had just “fizzled out.”


“With all that we have gone through, we have a special bond that will always be there. I love Colton very much and have an enormous amount of respect for him. We have both learned and grown so much these past couple years, and will always have each others back,” Cassie wrote in a heartfelt post that echoed Colton’s

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Why are fans calling Cassie out?

The pair reportedly agreed not to speak about their relationship to the public out of respect for each other. However, all of that cordialness seemed to fly right out of the window this week after Cassie appeared on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever! and spoke with host Chris Harrison about their breakup. 

Fans were quick to call the 25-year-old grad student out for publicly speaking about their breakup.


One Instagram user commented, “If you are an honorable person, you wouldn’t accept interviews to ruin a guy whose only mistake was falling for you. If you are desperate for money, you can find other ways that doesn’t harm or lead to speculation about Colton. Cali girls are so greedy!”

Cassie addressed the interview in an Instagram video, telling fans that her segment was heavily edited and she talked about many things, including her tattoo and her school, and not just her relationship. 

What did Cassie say about their relationship?

Yes, Cassie did speak about her and Colton’s relationship to Chris Harrison. However, she didn’t exactly say anything of substance or give any exclusive details about their split. 



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“I think we honestly had a really great relationship the entire time, and we got along really well.” she said. “It’s a sensitive subject because I feel like we’re still kinda going through it, and it’s still pretty emotional for both of us. We haven’t really talked about it publicly yet and I don’t know if either of us is ready, but I will say it’s been really hard.”

Colton fired back at Cassie.

In response to Cassie’s interview with Chris Harrison, Colton posted a lengthy caption on Instagram, part of which read, “When our relationship ended we agreed to handle things as privately as possible as we attempted to navigate our new relationship as friends. I chose to do that since we were living in this interim period, but obviously a lot changed this week.” 

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Cassie then posted a series of Instagram stories defending herself, and called Colton out for trying to “monetize” their breakup. 

“I would like to place on public record and ask you politely to refrain from discussing our relationship, as we agreed,” she began. “On Monday evening, you informed me you intend to monetize our breakup by writing a new chapter to discuss your experience with COVID (where you stayed in my family’s house during your recovery) & about our breakup. 



“You have also refused to give me any sort of approval on the chapter that you will be writing, which will heavily feature me. (A little insight as to why I was so frustrated on my stories that evening),” she continued. “This seems a bit unfair to me. Colton, you can do what you want, but please do not have a double standard.”

Colton has yet to respond to Cassie, but we have a feeling that this is just the tip of the drama iceberg for these two former lovebirds.

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