Who Is Scott Underwood? Everything About Bachelor Colton's Dad

Bachelor Colton Underwood takes his dad's advice seriously. Who is Scott Underwood?

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Colton Underwood has wrapped up his season on "The Bachelor" and while he doesn’t have a fiancé, he and Cassie have agreed to keep pursuing their relationship now that the cameras are off.

The pair sat down with host Chris Harrison for the "After The Final Rose" episode and talked about their future together, as well as their recent past. Colton is famously a virgin and audiences were curious whether that changed after the pair spent a night in the Fantasy Suite. When asked about it, Colton simply said “I will say, heading into the Fantasy Suite I wasn’t thinking about anything other than fighting for our relationship.” He went on to tell the audience “I know I’ve been very open and candid about my virginity,” he said. “But since there are two of us now in this relationship, it’s something that we’re going to keep to ourselves.”


One thing they pair isn’t keeping to themselves is the importance of family in both their lives. Colton talks extensively about how close he is to his parents and siblings. He even turned to his dad for a pep talk as he tried to work out what to do in the final episode. The episode before, Cassie had walked away from their relationship and Colton then broke it off with Tayisha and Hannah B. He asked his dad for advice on what he should do next.

Who is Scott Underwood and how does he support his famous son? Read on for all the details.

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1. Football dad

Like Colton, who played Division 1 college football and then went on tow spend two seasons in the NFL, Scott Underwood is also an athlete. Dad played defensive end for Illinois State University from 1986-1989, just as Colton would go on to do himself.

Colton’s mom also went to the school, as did his high school football coach so he had a lot of ties to the program. he told the school paper there “I just fell in love with the school and fell in love with the coaching staff and what they stood for.” Scott was proud to see his son follow in his footsteps, saying “He made us really proud,” Scott gushed. “He’s turned into a whole lot better football player than I ever was.”



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2. Regular guy

While Scott Underwood did time as a college athlete, he didn’t go pro the way his son did. He went into the insurance industry instead of pursuing a career in football.


Colton’s mom, who is no longer married to his dad, is a realtor. Both his parents and their new spouses live in Denver with Colton’s siblings.



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3. Divorce

Colton doesn’t talk much about what ended his parents' marriage. He does speak positively about the way they handled their split and finding new partners to share their lives with. He told US Weekly, “They are so happy and in love, in a new part of their life. They’re both remarried. So it’s so cool to see how they’ve dealt with that adversity and how they moved on, but they still remain friends.” 


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4. Supportive

Both of Colton’s parents were on board with his "Bachelor" journey. He previously appeared "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise." When he was tapped to be "The Bachelor" they were all for it.


He said at the time “They were a little skeptical, but I think they saw how good it was for me coming off of [Paradise], sort of how I reacted and how I felt. So they’re so excited right now, and I know my dad and my mom are looking forward to having a new daughter-in-law.” 



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5. Cautious

When Colton went to his dad for some on-camera advice on how to manage his own feelings after the loss of Cassie. Scott urged some caution. He reminded his son how badly it hurts to have his heart broken, telling him “I’m always concerned for your heart and what could happen."


"It doesn’t worry me, I just know how you are when you’re in love. I’ve seen it. It was amazing. Seeing you hurt after that…hurt bad.” 

6. Role model

Colton definitely wants children and it seems like he wants to be the kind of dad his father has been to him. He has described their relationship as being like a coach and a player, as well as father and son.


When Colton talks about being a father himself someday, he says “I can’t wait to have kids, and sort of be that cool father who is a coach, a mentor and just overall their best friend.”



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Colton and Cassie say they’re enjoying dating now and will keep any proposal private. But maybe audiences will get to see wedding photos someday in the future.


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