Who Are Mary Kay Letourneau's Children?

The former school teacher has six children.

Who Are Mary Kay Letourneau's Children? YouTube / True Stories

Mary Kay Letourneau made headlines around the world after she was jailed for raping her sixth grade student, Vili Fualaau, in the late ‘90s. Vili was 12-13 years old at the time. On July 6, 2020 — more than two decades later — the former school teacher died after battling colon cancer. She was 58 years old, and is survived by six children.

Who are Mary Kay Letourneau's children?

Letourneau gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl named Audrey Lokelani Fualaau, while she was awaiting trial in 1997. After completing a brief prison sentence, part of her plea deal included a strict no-contact order with her former student, which she violated just two weeks after being released in 1998.


A judge reinstated Letourneau’s prison sentence in February of 1998. Mary Kay later gave birth to the couple’s second child, Georgia, in October of 1998 while serving her seven-and-a-half-year sentence.

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What do we know about Mary Kay and Vili’s children?

The two daughters of Letourneau and Fualaau are close in age; Audrey is now 22 years old, and Georgia is 21. Mary Kay was released from prison in August of 2004, when the girls were 8 and 7. 

While Audrey and Georgia’s lives remained mostly private throughout their childhood and upbringing, in 2018, the sisters were featured in an episode of A&E’s Autobiography alongside their mother and father. The pair also joined their parents during a rare interview on Australia’s Sunday Night show, where Audrey commented on her parents’ scandalous relationship.


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“I think I understand about it, just like it was surprising to people,” she said. “It’s been feeling different because it’s not really been brought to our attention, just because we grew up with it, so we’re adapted to it.”


Audrey also commented on the close age gap between her, her sister, and her dad. “He definitely feels like a young dad now that I’m at that adult age to where I’m like, ‘I can go to the bar.’” She also mentioned that her father is “like a friend dad.”

While Georgia was mostly quiet during the interview, when asked what her mother was strict about while she was growing up, she said, “Push-up bras. She literally cut the padding out of my bra once.”

Does Mary Kay Letourneau have any other children?

Mary Kay was married to her ex-husband Steve Letourneau from 1984 to 1999 prior to her relationship with Fualaau. The pair had four children together: Steve Jr., Mary Claire, Jacqueline, and Nicholas — all of who are now in their late 20s and 30s. 


While much of Letourneau’s first family have kept relatively low profiles, according to a 2006 interview with People, Mary Claire was Letourneau’s maid of honor at her 2005 wedding to Fualaau. 

What does Vili Fualaau think of his stepchildren?

In an interview with Barbara Walters in 2015, Fualaau admitted it was awkward to be around them at first. “It’s an awkward feeling, for sure...to be close in age with someone who’s technically your stepson or stepdaughter. But we have a good relationship now.”


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