Luna The Blue Beagle Proves You Can Fall In Love Again After Losing A Pet

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Luna The Blue Beagle Proves You Can Fall In Love Again After Losing A Pet

Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking and you probably feel like you will never move on. Your fur baby was an irreplaceable member of the family — but sometimes you just have to adopt a new puppy because you have so much room in your heart to love again. 

The first thing to remember is that you are not betraying your first pet by adopting a new one. You can remember the memories of the dog you lost while letting yourself fall in love with a new puppy, and a series of TikToks featuring a blue beagle named Luna proves just that.

Luna the blue beagle was recently adopted by a family in Paradise Valley, Arizona at the reluctance of the dad. 

The father had just recently lost his best friend and was struggling with moving on. He probably didn't think he had any more love to give another dog, but this TikTok video shows otherwise. 

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The video reveals that two siblings brought Luna home without their dad's permission.

"He didn't want one because his heart was still broken after losing his old best friend, Nikki. Here's how it went...," they wrote.


I would like to argue that Luna is my best friend, but I think this video proves otherwise ##mansbestfriend ##puppy ##puppiesoftiktok ##fathersday ##fyp

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According to the video, it went very well.

By the second day, Luna and dad were rolling around playing in the yard. As the days progress, the two appear to be inseparable as dad carries Luna around the house and they spend time together in the pool.

By day five, the two were snuggling on the couch together and he kissed her.

They are "Best friends forever."

A TikTok user commented, "They have super powers that render us all helpless (but especially Daddy's)."

I had the same problem when I adopted my dogs. My dad was reluctant and he will never admit that he loves them, but he does. He secretly tells them he loves them when he doesn't think anyone is listening. It's the cutest thing in the world. 

Now Luna is this family's dad's best friend.

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"There is a whole subculture of grumpy men and the tiny doggies they didn't want," wrote one TikTok user. 

I tell you, this is the cutest dynamic having a dad and puppy interact with each other. The men pretend to be all big and bad but they actually are melting on the inside. 

"Nothing like the love between a dad and the dog he 'didn't want' lol!" wrote another.

It's a special type of love that is hard for anyone to understand.

Little Luna helped heal this dad's broken heart from losing his best friend. 

A TikToker commented, "Don't ever take Luna away from your dad. Luna healed his broken heart. Luna is your dad's dog now." 

This is true because you cannot separate them because their love is special. 

"Sometimes you need a puppy to help with the sadness of losing your 4 legged best friend," wrote someone else, with another commenter agreeing, writing, "That pain of never wanting another dog after losing one is horrible. I'm so glad he has this little baby now." 

Always remember, your pet was placed in your life for a reason. So, after losing your beloved pet and you find someone new, you have to let yourself love again. They will fill a little of the void that you have lost inside from losing your first furry best friend.

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