7 Reasons To Adopt A Puppy With Your Partner


Oh hey, it's National Puppy Day. What a great excuse to talk about cute, fuzzy things I love (and want to own, soon).

Adopting a puppy together could do wonders for your relationship. Why? Let's put aside the fact that puppies are adorable, because that's a given. There are more great reasons to get a puppy with your partner:

1. It's an opportunity to take care of a living thing without taking on the major responsibilities of having children. Taking care of a puppy or other pet together can either serve as practice for having kids — or teach you that you don't actually ever want to procreate.

2. When you're taking care of a puppy as a couple, it distracts you from petty relationship problems and brings you closer together.

3. With a puppy, you don't feel as lonely when your partner is out of town.

4. If you have a great name that just won't work for a kid, you can name the dog that.

5. As self-help guru Hugh Prather said, "Love expands." Adding a puppy to your love-fest means more love all around.

6. A lot of dogs are living in animal shelters and are in need of care. By adopting a puppy, you'll be doing a good deed together. Go to to find a shelter near you.

7. Justin and Selena did it.

Do you think owning a pet can help your relationship? Sound off in the comments.

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