This Assisted Living Community Is Looking For Pen Pals For Its Residents

Let's be pen pals.

This Assisted Living Community Is Looking For Pen Pals For Its Residents facebook

The Laurels of Pender Assisted Living Center posted to Facebook that their residents are searching for pen-pals during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

The communities Facebook describes themselves as "a national provider of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, sub-acute and assisted living services dedicated to one simple principle — achieving the highest standards of care and caring." 

The original pen pals post reads, "Our guests at The Laurels of Pender are looking for pen pals! These amazing seniors have a wide range of interests and would love to share stories with new friends." 


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The first question anyone asks is if there are people that need a pen pal. No one wants to see any resident left out from this so they are asking for names to personally address the letters too if someone is not receiving a letter. 


The post has attracted many comments such as, "Please let me know if anyone doesn't have a pen pal! Thanks! I want to ensure everyone gets a letter." 

Some are even getting their kids involved with them drawing pictures, with one commenter writing to a friend, "Maybe the girls can draw some pictures and I'll send them." 

People are also suggesting that they can send care packages. One Facebook user commented, "Can we send packages? Like puzzles, or books for those who like them?" 


It's so sweet the outpouring of support and kindness people have given those in assisted living. They are alone there and they cannot leave or have anyone come in to see them because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This is something that everyone should be doing because senior citizens need their spirits kept up to stay happy and feel alive. So, in a time where they cannot get out and surround themselves with those younger and those who brighten up their day, we must get creative in how we cheer them up. 

Really, it's the little things that mean more than anything. Sending them a letter shows them that they have someone thinking about them.

If you can put a smile on a senior citizen's face by just taking a minute out of your day to start pen paling with them, it will mean the world to them. Especially if you are communicating with a complete stranger. 


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So, if you are looking to become pen pals with the sweetest residents of the Laurel Assisted Living Community, here is the address.

The Laurels of Pender

Attn: Guest Name (or a generic letter to any guest by using Attn: Laurel Pen Pals)


311 S Campbell St. 

Burgaw, N.C. 28425

A great idea that a Facebook user commented, "I plan to write some letters, just a thought for others planning to write — include an already stamped envelope for a return letter." 


This is a fantastic idea because they can easily send you a return letter. 

Everyone should be thinking about doing this all over the world because every resident of nursing homes needs something to live for and this is easy and it does not cost you much to do something as an act of kindness from your heart. 

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