How To Write A Love Poem & Make Someone Catch Feelings For You

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How To Write A Love PoemHow To Write A Love Poem & Make Someone Catch Feelings For You

When you fall in love, you sort of losing all rationality. So, you have to really think when it comes to writing poetry. 

Whether you're in a relationship or you're hoping to be in one with someone in particular, sometimes you have to get creative to show that person how much you love them.

And what better way to show your love than by writing a love poem?

It may seem daunting to write a love poem if you have never written one before. But they really are not all that difficult once you get in the swing of things and you start channeling your emotions. 

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Your partner will probably never guess that you would go this way as a declaration of love, so you have to do a fantastic job to surprise them with your romantic words. 

I promise, writing poetry does not have to be hard. Poetry is what you make it. You don't have to pick a certain rhyme scheme or poem type for your poem to actually be a poem. It can be a free verse and have no rhyme scheme.

It's just a vessel to channel your feelings and emotions through.

It's important to really appreciate your love and make sure your partner knows exactly how you feel in a romantic way.

It's a grand gesture that will make your partner melt and fall deeper into love with you than they were ever before. 

But take your time when you try to write a poem. Putting words on paper is not something that you can rush. So, just take your time and really start putting your words on paper as they come. 

Everyone needs to be told how much they are loved, so when they receive a love poem from you, it will mean so much more to them than a fancy dinner out. 

You don't have to leave the poetry to the professionals. The fact that it comes from your heart will mean more than anything to your significant other.

When you have some free time, take a chance to go through these steps below to write a love poem. You may be surprised by all that you can come up with when you try.

So here are some tips as to what to talk about and all of the steps you need to go about writing your very own love poem for your significant other.

Things to focus on when writing a love poem

Start with your feelings.

The best thing to talk about when you are thinking about what to say to the one you love is your feelings and emotions. Tell them exactly how you feel. Describe what you think about when you think about them. 

Use sincerity.

You don't want to sound too sappy or overly-romantic when you write this love poem. This is the time to really put the harder things into words so that you can convey them to your partner. But make sure it comes from your heart and soul.

Be romantic.

Sometimes you have to look at the times where it was rough and how they helped you get back to being happy. Tell a story about how they changed your life for the better and how they make you a better person when you are with them.

Remember your firsts.

As humans, we all love to reminisce about the past. So, be a little nostalgic and tell them if you fell in love at first sight or if it took a while to get to know them before you fell in love.

It doesn't have to be the big moments in your relationship that you remember the most. It can be something little that makes your heart flutter when you remember it.

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Steps to writing a love poem

1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a major part of the writing process. You have to think and jot things down so that you can have a list to reference when you start actually writing your poem. 

Look at the past and remember a special moment you had with your significant other. Focus on the love that your memory reminds you of.

Take a moment and think about all the feelings you have for your partner because you need to start channeling these emotions into words on a page. So, come up with some descriptions that you can jot down to reference later.

Take a look at some famous love poems to get some inspiration and ideas as to how you want to write your love poem. 

2. Write the poem

It's very important for you to choose the form you wish to write your poem in so that you can go about writing the poem in the right way.

If you want a short poem with lots of rhyme, then a Haiku is a good choice.

You can write a longer poem like a sonnet or even just go for free-verse.

It doesn't have to be perfect or technical to be a poem. You can make it unique for you.

Include metaphors and similes. Just a reminder, a simile is a comparison with like or as and a metaphor is a comparison without. Using similes and metaphors will give you a chance at being more creative in your word choices. 

Use descriptions to better convey how you feel.

Maybe you have some sensory memories that you always associate with your significant other. Whether it was a taste, sound, touch, or feeling, you can talk about it. It will be something special to your partner because it shows that you noticed and paid attention.

Avoid cliches! It can be easy to be cliche when you write a poem for the one you care about. But it's important for you to avoid the corny cliches because you don't want to lose the feeling of love that you are trying to convey in your love poem. So stay away from the corny love cliche sayings to keep your emotions adequate for your poem.

Don't forget to use humor. When you are trying not to make your partner cry, you can be more humorous and funny to keep the whole poem lighter.

Use funny memories or sayings to your benefit so that your partner will giggle while reading or listening to your poem.

3. Look it over

Read it out loud to yourself. Reading it out loud ill give you a chance to make sure it flows well and makes sense. If anything is awkward or weird to say, this is the time to make changes and tweak your wording.

Have someone you trust look at it, too. It's important to get someone you trust and care about to look at it and give you feedback. Listen to what they have to say and then you can tweak your poem where it makes sense. 

Present the poem in a thoughtful way. Make a handmade card or a nice handwritten page, or type it and print it on a fancy piece of paper.

It's the presentation that will make your whole poem so much more important and special to your significant other.

It's just a great way to make it special and meaningful. Make this one of those memories that they will never forget. 

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