Who Is Jeff Lewis' Husband? New Details About Gage Edwards

The star of Flipping Out has been with his partner for eight years. Here's what you should know abou

Who is Jeff Lewis' husband? Instagram

Who is Jeff Lewis' husband?  Over the years, Jeff Lewis has had a lot of professional relationship begin and end. The Flipping Out star has fired a lot of assistants and designers since the show premiered in 2007. People magazine even covered a list of 16 different people who had been fired from or left Jeff’s employ including, co-star Jenni Pulos.

But the one person who’s been by Lewis’s side the longest is his partner Gage Edward. Edward works as Lewis’s business manager but the two are much more to each other than that.


What else do you need to know about Gage Edward? Read on to find out.

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1. Long-term relationship

The couple has been together for about 8 years. The show started airing in 2007, so Lewis was already famous when he and Edward became a couple — but that means Edwards had a chance to do his research before settling down.



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2. No rings

Although the couple has been together nearly  decade, they haven;t gotten married. Do they think they’ll ever hear wedding bells? Probably. Lewis told Andy Cohen, "I mean it's gonna happen — eventually — right? It'll happen. It'll happen.”


2. Baby blues

Both Edward and Lewis wanted kids. The couple tried for many years to adopt a baby together but never had success with the process.

3. Surrogate

When adoption didn’t work out, they decided to work with a surrogate to have a baby instead. They were able to conceive daughter and everything went great, until Bravo filmed the birth. The surrogate sued Edward and Lewis afterward for showing her body in ways she didn’t like and for off-color remarks made by Lewis. He eventually apologized.

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4. A natural

Since welcoming baby daughter Monroe, Edward has been the primary caregiver to the baby.Lewis said to Huffington Post "Gage is one of the most amazing hands-on dads I’ve ever witnessed. He’s so nurturing and the  primary caregiver. I take his lead and he tells me ‘get this,’ ‘get that,’ ‘do this.’ He’s so confident and comfortable that I just let him make most decisions. For major decisions, we consult each other, but really he’s a natural.”


5. Encore

The couple loves being parents so much that they want to do it again. In 2017, the couple were on Lewis’s Sirius radio show talking about wanting a second child, this one biologically fathered by Edward. Lewis said, "We have five frozen embryos … the next baby will be Gage’s embryo and his strongest embryo is a boy. So hopefully we are going to have a boy. Not yet though, we’re not pregnant yet.”


What’s next for Edward and Lewis? The new season of Flipping Out starts this week on Bravo.

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