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11 Best Apple TV+ Shows To Watch

Apple TV plus shows

Apple TV Plus shows began streaming back in November of 2019, and we are super excited for all of the high-profile shows and notable figures. On top of running a special that provides a free year of Apple TV+ streaming to iPhone users, this new streaming service has launched at a perfect time — when almost everyone in the world is stuck at home quarantining during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because the threat of COVID-19 has forced millions of people to stay at home from work, school, and other daily activities, I know I'm not the only one to admit that I have been spending hours upon hours watching movies and shows.

Everyone is scrambling to find a new hobby or activity to engage in because of how bored we have all been. Some people have turned to start a painting career, others have begun working out because let's face it, who needs a gym for the gains!?

Now more than ever, everyone has the time to sit down, grab a snack, and turn on the television for hours of laughter, tears, and screams! Anything to help us pass the time at home as we wait for the pandemic to lessen and the curve to flatten.

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Tell your family to get out of their rooms and have a real family movie night, since we're all cluttered up together anyway.

Big names like Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrel, Jason Mamoa, and Chris Evans are all featured on some of these amazing new Apple TV+ series! I will confess that I have spent an ungodly amount of time watching some of these new shows, and man, is it worth the time staying up until all night just to finish an entire show.

There is a good mix of sci-fi fantasy shows, true-crime podcasts, and so much more available on Apple TV Plus. You will not be disappointed with this must-watch list that's sure to give you and your family something fresh to watch (especially if you've run out of Netflix Originals and you're all caught up to date on your cable TV shows and waiting weeks for the next episode to air).

Enough chit-chat, let's get into our list of the best Apple TV Plus shows that need to be on your must-watch-list this season!

1. The Morning Show

Have you ever been curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of the TV shows that wake us up every morning? Look no further than The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrel, and Reese Witherspoon. This is a full inside look of the story through the numerous daytime talk-show hosts who we know and love.

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2. Defending Jacob

Based on the 2012 best-selling novel, Defending Jacob is a chilling story that follows a family from Massachusettes who are faced with a crime that no one was prepared for. This show features Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell.

3. Servant

One of my favorite series to date, Servant is a psychological thriller that will shake you to the core. With the notable M.Knight Shayamalan directing a couple of episodes, you can only imagine the twists and turns you will be experiencing through it all. Starring Lauren Ambrose, Rupert Grint, and Toby Kebbell.

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4. Home Before Dark

This show is the true story following Hilde Lysiak, one of the youngest reporters in the history of journalism, and how her ambitious ways led her to uncover a small town's buried secrets. This show features Brooklynn Prince, Jim Sturgess, and Abbey Miller.

5. Trying

Trying is a heartfelt comedy about the struggles of a couple trying to have their first baby. This show is one of those where you see the progression throughout every character and how one miracle can mature even the most immature people. Featuring Rafe Spall, Esther Smith, and Imelda Staunton.

6. The Banker

Based on true events, The Banker follows the story of businessmen Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris, and how their dangerous plan to uncover the racist ways of the 1960s led hundreds of African Americans to live the American dream. Featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie.

7. Dickinson

What do you call someone who is on the quest to becoming the most notable poet in all of history? You call her Emily Dickinson, the first true rebel of poetry revolution. Starring Hailee Steinfield, Jane Krakowski, and Toby Huss.

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8. For All Mankind

What happens when the USSR is the first to land of the moon? An alternate timeline that changes the course of American history. Watch as these astronauts and their families live through this substitute reality. Featuring Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, and Sarah Jones.

9. See

Oddly enough, this show takes place 600 years into the future and reveals how almost all of mankind has been wiped out due to a virus and left the remaining population blind. Now, everyone must adapt to living with their other senses. Starring Jason Momoa, Alfre Woodard, and Hera Hilmar.

10. Truth Be Told

If true-crime is your thing, then this show is definitely the one for you. Octavia Spenser is a podcaster who reopens a case which she feels may have been wrongfully determined. This show features Octavia Spenser, Aaron Paul, and Lizzy Caplan.

11. Hala

Hala follows the story of a young Pakistani-American teenager who is discovering who she is through the eyes of her family, culture, and religious beliefs. It is the perfect coming of age story that is sure to win your heart over. Starring Geraldine Viswanathan, Jack Kilmer, and Gabriel Luna.

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