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Did Brielle Bierman Get Plastic Surgery? See The Booty Pic That Sparked Questions

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Did Brielle Bierman Get Plastic Surgery? See The Booty Pic That Sparked Questions

The stay at home orders haven't kept the Biermann family from enjoying the sun. Brielle Biermann from Don't Be Tardy popped out to the pool to show off one of the bikinis from mom Kim Zolciak-Bermann's upcoming swimwear line. The Bravo starlet was proud to show off her mom's newest creative effort in advance of the official launch next month.

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But fans got distracted from the swimsuit by the body wearing it. Some Instagram users were curious if Biermann's perfect body was the result of some plastic surgery. This isn't the first time the reality star has been asked about what she's had done. Ever since she first got facial injections in 2018, fans have been looking for evidence that she has been nipped or tucked.

Did Brielle Biermann get plastic surgery?

Brielle Biermann is modeling for her mother's new swimwear line.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is about to launch her new swimwear brand Salty K Swimwear — the name was suggested by Brielle, in reference to her mom's salty personality. The brand doesn't have any photos up on their website or Instagram yet but Biermann and her sister Ariana both posted pics of themselves modeling different bikinis. While Ariana showed off a classic-looking pink triangle suit, Brielle gave followers a rear view of herself in a green suit with a purple floral print and an unusual ruched bottom. 


A post shared by Brielle (@briellebiermann) on May 11, 2020 at 3:13pm PDT

Brielle Biermann modeling her mother's swimwear line.

Her booty got people talking.

The photo shows off Biermann's assets to great effect, and she looks fantastic in the suit. Some followers wondered if the 23-year had gotten some help to make her behind look absolutely flawless. One commenter asked, "How do you get such perfect skin. Like not one dimple or cellulite." Some fans replied that youth is the real culprit, others suggested photo editing and filters could make anyone's butt look perfect. One person quipped that it was a "nip and tuck" that did the job. 

Really, though? Her butt has always looked that good.

We took a look through Biermann's Instagram feed and there are plenty of photos of her in bikinis and her behind looks amazing in all of them. She has been muscular and curvy since she was a teenager and looks healthy and strong in a swimsuit. If she got her gluteus maximized somewhere along the way, it would have had to have been years ago. And she swears she's only ever had minor work done on her face. When rumors that she got a boob job cropped up in 2015, she posted a video on Instagram and quipped, "To those of you who think I've gotten a boob job, tell me where. Because I really don't see how I could have gotten one. You only think that when I wear a really good bra and I'm not wearing one now."


A post shared by Brielle (@briellebiermann) on Feb 5, 2017 at 2:44pm PST

Biermann was bootylicious even in 2017. 

She proudly admits to having her lips enhanced. 

Like a lot of celebrities, Biermann isn't afraid of minor procedures to maximize her potential. Since 2018, she has admitted to having lip injections to make her pout look fuller. Back in 2018, her social media followers noticed that she looked different when she posted a photo of herself and then-boyfriend Michael Koech. The plastic surgery speculation started swirling in the comments, but Biermann shut it down with a couple of confessions: that she's had her lips done and she was carrying more weight all over her body. "I did nothing but my lips!!!” she fired back. “My face is fat right now i’m thicker than i usually am. can all of u seriously f— off. it’s my face if i wanna get 37 surgeries on it i will! bye.”

Her mom echoed the message about it being her body and her choices in an interview around the same time. She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she was in favor of her daughter's decision and even helped her find a doctor. “I’ve heard her complain about her lips since she came out of the womb, honestly,” she said. “I was like, ‘I’m going to take you to the best.'”

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She had her fillers dissolved in 2020.

For reasons she didn't fully explain at the time, Biermann decided to have her fillers dissolved in January of this year. In a now-expired Instagram story, she let fans know she was taking her pout natural for a while at least. She even treated her followers to throwback photos intended to prove that her un-filled lips weren't a great look. A few days later she posted a selfie captioned "New year! New lips! New hair! Same bitch!" In the months that followed, however, her lips took on their customary plumpness again. 

What does she say about the latest gossip?

Biermann hasn't bothered to comment on the speculation about her butt. However, it's a good bet that if the Don't Be Tardy star ever did get work done, she would be honest about it.

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