Who Is Alexandria Cimoch? Meet The Viral TikTok Star Who Was Also One Of Phoebe's Triplets On 'Friends'

She played one of Pheobe's surrogate babies.

Who Is Alexandria Cimoch? Meet The Viral TikTok Star Who Was Also One Of Phoebe's Triplets On 'Friends' Getty

Ever wonder what happened to the babies who played Pheobe Buffay's triplets on Friends? Well, one of them became a TikTok star this week. 

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Alexandria Cimoch, who's 21 years old now, has been getting stir crazy at home with her parents during the COVID-19 lockdown so she decided to try TikTok. Just for fun, she made a quick video where she shared that, as a baby, she had played one of the triplets on Friends. She set the video to the show's theme song and included a few shots of herself onset. 

The video quickly gained a lot of attention and Cimoch has been on shows like Good Morning America talking about her experience as a baby actor as well as the sudden viral fame she's getting from her TikTok.

Who is Alexandria Cimoch?

Read on for all the details. 


From small screen to ... even smaller screen.

Alexandra Cimoch had a short career in one of the most famous sitcoms of all time: she played one of the baby triplets on Friends in 1999. She was only six months old st the time that she was cast for "The One With Joey's Porsche" but she has always bee proud to count that as a fun fact about herself. This week, she shared that tidbit on TikTok and took her small-screen fame to tiny screen viral fame. Her video where she she reveals that she was on the show has gotten almost 3 million views and gotten attention from Friends fans of all ages. Some people even noted that she has grown up to look a little like Lisa Kudrow. In response, Cimoch posted a video of herself lip-syncing to some of Kudrow's dialogue from the show. 

Cimoch revealed her acting past on TikTok. 


Lisa Kudrow was really pregnant.

In 1997, Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on the iconic series, and her husband in real life were expecting their son. Rather than try to hide the pregnancy, writers incorporated it into the plot of the show. Kudrow's character Pheobe acted as a surrogate for her bother and sister in law, played by Giovanni Ribisi and Debra Jo Rupp. They made Pheobe pregnant with triplets and wrote a few episodes that included the babies after they were born.

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Cimoch is actually a quadruplet.

It's not unusual for TV shows to cast multiple baby actors to play one baby character. The Olsen twins got their start playing Michelle Tanner on Full House. For on-camera triplets, Friends producers found real-life quadruplets to rotate in and out of scenes. Cimoch is the only girl — she has three brothers named Paul, Justin and Cole, though she also has younger twin sisters named Isabella and Brianna. All four of the quadruplets were on the show as infants and they actually got the part because there were four of them. 


"There were four sets of triplets auditioning and we were the only quadruplets," Cimoch recalled in an interview. "I would love to say that my brothers and I had a natural talent for baby acting, but the real reason we were chosen is that we were quadruplets. So, if one of us were crying, the other baby could switch in."



A post shared by Alexandria Cimoch (@alexiscimoch) on Jun 4, 2017 at 2:58pm PDT

Cimoch and her brothers in 2017. 


She never met Jennifer Aniston. 

As it happened, the triplets never met Jennifer Aniston. Aniston's character Rachel wasn't in the scenes with the triplets in 1999 so they were never on set at the same time. (Aniston was in the scene where Kudrow's character gave birth to the babies in 1998 but a different set of infants played the triplets in that episode.) Cimoch says that she did get to snuggle up to both Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, however. Her mother apparently describes both actresses as very loving. 

She loves the show now that she's grown up.


Cimoch is proud of her appearance on the show and loves the whole series. "I am a huge fan of Friends. I spent a whole summer in middle school binge-watching the series," Cimoch recalled. "It really made me appreciate the fact that I got to be a part of an episode and such an iconic show! The show is very much still alive and well and so many of my college friends stream it. I get a lot of Snapchats from my friends who watch the episode and they get so excited to see me as a baby on TV."

Cimoch is still acting these days.

The family lived in LA for a while after Friends but eventually relocated to Wisconsin. There, Cimoch acted in high school productions though she didn't work professionally as an actor. Now she's a student at the University of Wisconsin where she's a musical theatre major and also studying communications. She has high hopes of being a stage actor once she finishes college. 

"I am more certain than ever about pursuing professional theater after college and I'm excited to take the steps to move to New York and pursue Broadway," Cimoch said. "Or wherever I can professionally do theater."


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