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Guess What Oscar-Winning Actress This Adorable Child Grew Up To Be!

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Guess What Oscar-Winning Actress This Adorable Child Grew Up To Be!

It's so much fun looking back at childhood photos, especially when they're featuring our favorite celebrities long before they were ever famous. 

Who is this adorable redheaded little girl? Okay, here comes the big reveal. Surprise: It's Julianne Moore! 

She grew up to be an Oscar-winning actress for Still Alice in 2015, and her red hair and green eyes are still just as stunning as ever now that she's an adult.

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1. Moore was born in 1960 and grew up in North Carolina. 


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This adorable little girl looks so different from the beloved actress we know today, but a lot has certainly changed since then! She was born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to a father who was in the military and a mother who worked as a social worker. She had two siblings and ended up pursuing theater in school, attending Boston University to study theater in the '80s. 

2. She spent most of her childhood living all over the world.

Given that her father was part of the military, Moore spent much of her youngest years traveling and living outside of the United States. In a 2011 interview, she shared that traveling so much shaped her worldview and helped her get closer to her family.

"My brother and sister and I were moved around constantly, in and outside the US, living in Germany for much of our teens. I attended nine schools. It's not something I'd recommend but it made me who I am. You get very close to your family," she said. "It gave me adaptability, a sense of universality. I'd come back to the US and people wouldn't know a thing about European culture; they hadn't traveled. I saw the world at a very young age."

3. Moore was close with her parents, especially her mother. 

In the same interview, Moore shared how difficult it was to lose her mother, who died at 68 years old. 

My mother died nearly two years ago. She got sick and then she died the next morning," she said. "I was on a plane on my way there when she passed away. She was only 68. Losing her has been tremendously difficult." 

4. Her parents have influenced her acting career.

In an interview in 2015, Moore said that she is probably drawn to filming family dramas (like The Kids Are All Right and Crazy Stupid Love) because of her mother's profession. 

“My mother was fascinated by behavior,” Moore said at the time. “She talked about that stuff all the time. She was very interested in families.”

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5. Moore has recently dabbled as an executive producer.

Though we mostly know Moore for her work in front of the camera, last year, she scored some executive producing credits, too, which she has said seems like the natural next step in her career.

“I’m really in the very beginning stages of it. It’s not like I’m sitting here building an empire!” she said in October 2019. “It’s a natural extension for actors, in a sense, because a lot of the experience you accrue can be used as a producer. I absolutely think that the rise of actor-producers has affected the way women are represented onscreen."

6. Today, Moore focuses on her activism and her acting career. 

Moore has been outspoken about how much the Time's Up movement and working towards gun control mean to her, and in the midst of her activism, her acting career is still thriving — though, knowing her talent, that certainly doesn't come as a surprise. This year alone, she's set to star as Gloria Steinem in The Glorias, with two other movies in the works including Mothertrucker and The Woman in the Window. Moore may have started her life out as the innocent little girl in that photo, but she's continuing to take the world by storm as an adult.

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