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Who Plays Kamala On 'Never Have I Ever'? Meet Richa Moorjani, Star Of Mindy Kaling's New Netflix Show

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Who Plays Kamala On 'Never Have I Ever'? Meet Richa Moorjani, Star Of Mindy Kaling's New Netflix Show

Now that Mindy Kaling's latest series, Never Have I Ever, has finally made it to Netflix, It's time to learn more about the cast, who's already making a mark on fans who are quickly becoming obsessed with the series.

One of the actresses, Richa Moorjani, is already a fan favorite — she plays Kamala, the cousin who's staying with Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and getting her phD. 

Who plays Kamala on Never Have I Ever

Here's what you need to know about the Never Have I Ever star. 

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Moorjani already has an impressive resumé under her belt.

Aside from Never Have I Ever, Moorjani has scored other roles in the past. She's had guest starring roles on shows including The Mindy Project, NCIS: Los Angeles, and 9-1-1, and has lent her voice to video games including Fallout 76 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

She snagged the role through an open casting call. 

Last year, while Kaling's series was still in its earliest stages, Moorjani responded to an open casting call that Kaling put out on social media for any Desi women interested in auditioning. As it turned out, this led to her being cast in the role — much like Ramakrishnan was. 

But who is Richa Moorjani? She has close ties to her South Asian roots. 


A post shared by Richa Shukla Moorjani (@richamoorjani) on Jun 28, 2016 at 2:30pm PDT

According to everything Moorjani has posted on her Instagram account, it would seem that representing her culture is incredibly important to her — whether she's showing off her daily life or sharing modeling photos. Though she lives in America, she frequently shares photos from her trips to India, where it seems she spends a lot of her time as well. 

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She also teaches a Bollywood dance class. 


A post shared by Richa Shukla Moorjani (@richamoorjani) on Jan 8, 2018 at 12:25pm PST

When she's not acting and modeling, Moorjani is typically on the dance floor, and even teaches a Bollywood dance class in Los Angeles, sharing videos of her choreography online. It looks like Moorjani is a lady of many talents — and now, starring in Never Have I Ever is just another impressive accomplishment she can add to her list.

Moorjani planned her wedding while filming the series.

In a piece she wrote for Brides recently, Moorjani shared that she met her husband, Rishi, on a dating app, and they hit it off from their very first date at Griffith Observatory. While she filmed the first season of Never Have I Ever, Moorjani planned their destination wedding to a resort in Cancun.

"The 3 days of events included a welcome party on the beach, Haldi (an Indian tradition where all the guests apply turmeric paste to the couple to make their skin glow before the ceremony), Sangeet night (essentially a big Bollywood music and dance party), a beach ceremony and an outdoor reception. The love and utter euphoria we all felt during those 3 days is something I can’t even put into words," she wrote.

She has high hopes for her character in a possible Season 2. 

In a recent interview, Moorjani opened up about her hopes for Never Have I Ever in the future if Netflix chooses to renew the series.

“If there is a season 2, fingers crossed, I would love to see more of Kamala’s backstory,” Moorjani said. “I think that would help the audience see why she is the way she is. She’s always struggling between what she wants and trying to make everyone around her happy and to meet everyone’s expectations. I hope she’s able to break out of that fear of disappointing people and do what she wants.”

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