Who Is Nick Cordero's Wife? Everything To Know About Amanda Kloots As She Supports Him Through His Coronavirus Battle

She's standing by his side no matter what.

Who Is Nick Cordero's Wife? Everything To Know About Amanda Kloots As She Supports Him Through HIs Coronavirus Battle Instagram

As Broadway star Nick Cordero has been fighting for his life during his scary battle with coronavirus, his wife has been with him every step of the way, and sharing updates on his condition with fans. 

So far, Cordero has had a lot of ups and downs while recovering from the virus, and it sounds like he still has a long way to go, but wife Amanda Kloots is hanging in there so far.

So who's Nick Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots?

And how is he doing? Here's everything you need to know. 


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Cordero's COVID-19 battle has been making headlines.

Though many celebrities have been diagnosed with coronavirus — and many have also died from it — lately, Cordero has been in the spotlight. Best known for his work on Broadway, the 41-year-old originally hails from Canada and has also appeared in TV shows like Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU. He's been absent from social media since March 19, about 10 days before his symptoms progressed to the point of needing to be hospitalized. 


Who is Nick Cordero's wife? He's married to Amanda Kloots, a fitness trainer. 



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Kloots and Cordero have been married since 2017, and together, they have a son, Elvis, who is now 10 months old. Kloots is a fitness instructor, and frequently shares her workouts on Instagram, whether she's showing off her jump rope routine or even her dance workouts to build muscle. Earlier this year, the couple also bought a new home in LA, and most of her feed is incredibly positive, talking about her family life.


Cordero has been In the hospital since March 30. 

Though Cordero was suffering from coronavirus at home with milder symptoms, he needed to be hospitalized on March 30, and he's been there ever since. When he arrived in the emergency room that day, he was diagnosed with COVID and two days later, he ended up in intensive care. Since then, his condition has been critical, and despite his age, he's faced a lot of the scarier effects of the virus so far.

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Kloots has been updating fans since April 1. 



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On the first day of April, Kloots took to Instagram to share with fans that Cordero was in the hospital.


"He is scared, in the ICU and now unconscious so his body can get enough oxygen. We are all trying to stay positive and strong knowing that he is in the best care," she wrote. "I miss him terribly. I’m not allowed there to visit of course and can do nothing to help him. Nick is scared too, this has gone from bad to worse. He isn’t allowed to eat or drink, he is very weak and having a hard time breathing." 

The virus progressed to the point that he had to have his leg amputated.

Things became even more serious for Cordero when Kloots had to make the choice to amputate his leg after suffering from blood clots as a result of being taken off of ECMO.

"They put the ECMO machine in him to save his life," she said in an interview. "It was literally to save his life, and it did, thank God. And sometimes the repercussion of putting that machine on can cause some blood issues, and it did with his leg."


Now, Kloots is waiting for him to wake up from a coma. 

In her most recent update, Kloots said that her husband has yet to regain consciousness. She added that based on his MRI, doctors believed that he would wake up, it was just a matter of when.

"Hasn't woken up and it's been 12 days out of sedation, today's the 12th day. The doctors do think that he should have woken up by now," she told her followers on her Instagram Story. "He's completely off blood pressure medicine, which is great, and they are also trying to reduce the dialysis assistance, which is great. So as we are waiting for him to wake up, while he is still sleeping, they are slowly weaning his body off of assistance, which is just great, great news. Small wins."


In her story, she also added that he had tested negative for coronavirus twice, so doctors believed that it was out of his system — finally.

“Which means we think the virus is out of his system and now we’re just dealing with recovery and getting his body back from all the repercussions of the virus,” she said.

Hopefully, Kloots will continue to keep us updated on Cordero, and with any luck, he'll be able to share those updates with us himself. We're sending this family all of the healing and positive vibes.

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