Is Heidi Klum Pregnant? The Instagram Photo That Sparked Major Baby Rumors

Could she be expecting?

Is Heidi Klum Pregnant? The Instagram Photo That Sparked Major Baby Rumors Instagram

Is this supermodel expecting a baby? Some fans are totally convinced she might be after a suspicious Instagram post she shared recently, and now, we're wondering too. 

It all started when Heidi Klum showed off her belly bloat on Instagram after a particularly large dinner... but fans think it's a real baby bump instead of just a food baby.

Is Heidi Klum pregnant?

Or is she just full? Let's investigate, shall we?


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Klum showed off her belly in this pic. 



A post shared by Heidi Klum (@heidiklum) on Apr 22, 2020 at 8:26pm PDT

Here, she's posing with husband Tom Kaulitz, who she married last year, and a friend, wearing a swimsuit and letting the world see what she claims to be a bit of bloat after eating ... it happens to all of us! 


"Dinner was good," she wrote in her caption, keeping it short and simple — and offering up no other explanation.

Fans flocked to the comments to speculate.

Apparently, Klum's followers weren't convinced that this was actually a food baby ... and many of them voiced their opinions in the comments, saying it looked much more like a regular baby bump. 

"Oh my god I thought Tom was finally being a dad," one commenter wrote, while others went so far as to wish her congratulations, featuring plenty of heart emojis. Yeah... these people are convinced.

    Klum already has four children of her own.

    If Klum is pregnant, this definitely won't be her first baby. Klum already has four children herself — Helene, 15, who Klum welcomed with ex Flavio Briatore, as well as Lou, 10, Henry, 14, and Johan, 13, all from her marriage to Seal. This could end up being baby number five for her ... and the last time she was pregnant was more than a decade ago.


    She reportedly isn't planning on having more children. 

    Last year, a source close to Klum said that she and Kaulitz didn't have more babies in their plans for the future.

    “She’s had conversations with Tom and right now they’re perfect with the love they have for each other and the life they’ve built together,” the source said at the time, adding that if they do decide to have kids, it'll be a long time from now. “Having kids isn’t going to dictate their future or relationship one bit.”

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    She's shown no other signs of being pregnant on social media.

    As far as we can tell, Klum is busy hanging out at home and isolating like the rest of us while also promoting Germany's Next Top Model with Nicole Scherzinger. If she was pregnant, it's definitely something she's keeping private for now because she shows absolutely no idication that could be happening in her life right now minus the food baby Instagram pic.


    Is Heidi Klum pregnant? For now, It looks like a no. 

    Of course, there's always a chance that a pregnancy announcement is in Klum's future, but as far as we can tell, she isn't expecting — and that post-dinner bloat was just that: being full after a big meal. We've all been there, and we love that Klum is open about having a human body. The pregnancy rumors might be real right now, but at this point, it seems like they're all false. Maybe someday!

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