13 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Friendship The Best One In Your Life

Distance could never stand in the way of you and your bestie.

13 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Friendship The Best One In Your Life getty

By Michelle Mockler

Maintaining any kind of friendship requires time and commitment. But living far away from each other does add an extra layer to that.

Some people think that long-distance relationships and friendships are doomed to fail, because they can't withstand the time and separation.

But coming from a West Coast California girl with an East Coast Boston BFF, it is possible to stay close (and it's so special!). It just means that you might have to approach that friendship a little differently, because, simply put, it is different.


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Lucky for us, there are more ways to stay connected now than ever before. So, whether you want to work on bettering your friendship or just want to maintain your closeness, here are 13 simple ways to be a better long-distance best friend.


1. Schedule phone calls.

Plan ahead by scheduling reaccurring phone calls. We all know life happens, and there will be times when you might have to reschedule, but try your best to set a time and keep it.

Whether it's five seconds or 50 minutes, phone calls are one of the best ways to ensure you and your bestie are staying connected. By swapping stories, laughs, or simply watching your favorite TV show together over the phone, you'll feel happy, refreshed, and grateful by the time you hang up.

2. Remember their time zone.

Since long-distance relationships often mean different time zones, use the clock setting in your phone to save your BFF's. This way, you'll never forget what time it is during their day, and you can drop in and send a text wishing them good luck in a work meeting or to have fun at happy hour.

3. Text each other — a lot.

Remember that friendship isn't just about being there for the big moments; it's about so many of the small moments, too. Did something embarrassing just happen to you? Did you hear a joke that you know your friend would love?


These are the little things you'll forget about once the moment passes, but they still matter to your BFF. Text them. After all, nothing is too small or unimportant to share when it comes to your bestie.

4. If something reminds you of your best friend, tell them.

Whether it's a photo, meme, article, or video, if you're going about your day and come across something that reminds you of your friend, share it with them. They'll feel appreciated and remembered.

5. Remember that FaceTime is valuable, even if it's virtual.

While in-person face time is preferred, never forget how important actually seeing your friend's face is from time to time. Prioritize video chats and Skype calls, just like you would if they were local.

6. Make a playlist together.

Just because you're long-distance doesn't mean you can't make something together. Build a playlist of music with your BFF that includes both of your favorite songs, as well as new recommendations you think the other will love.


It's a fun and easy way to stay connected, and is something you can both update regularly. Plus, it'll hold you over until you see each other again and can have those sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs best friend car rides.

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7. Remember special occasions.

This might go without saying, but remembering special occasions is key to whether you're there to celebrate with them or not. Birthdays, holidays, a new job, a promotion — the list is endless.

But any day that's special to your best friend should also be important to you. Send a text, make a call, or mail a card to let them know you're thinking of them.


8. Do something together, even though you're apart.

Finding something you can do together even when you're not in the same place will lessen the distance you feel. You can do the same activity while being on the phone together (think going for a scenic walk).

It'll give you some good laughs and make you feel as though your friend is right there with you.

9. Use social media and apps.

There are so many different ways to stay connected than just phone calls and texting, so use social media and apps to help you find the best methods for your unique friendship.

Try Between, which can track friendship anniversaries and plan your schedules to map out the next time you can see each other, or Rabbit, which syncs you up with your friend so that you can watch TV shows or funny YouTube videos together.


10. Make the most of in-person time.

The lead up to finally seeing your long-distance best friend will likely always be a highly anticipated one! When it finally happens (regardless of how frequently that may be), make the most of your time together.

Laugh, have fun, reminisce about old times, make new memories, and truly be present in those moments. If your friendship is anything like mine, this will all come naturally and you'll feel as though you were never apart.

11. Recognize the effort you both put in.

It's not that long-distance relationships need more time or attention, it's that applying that time and attention happens in different ways than a traditional friendship. Recognizing both of your efforts will make the other feel appreciated, heard, and grateful.


12. Use the distance as an excuse to travel.

If you and your best friend could live in the same city or town, of course you'd choose that option, but that isn't always a reality. So, make the best of the situation by using the distance as a reason to travel when you can. Make the trip to see them, invite them to visit you, or plan a vacation together and meet somewhere new.

My long-distance best friend and I made a pact to see each other in person at least once every six months. It gives us an opportunity to travel and explore together, which is something we probably wouldn't do if we lived in the same place.

13. Pat yourselves on the back.

Taking time to appreciate your best friend for all that he or she is, and recognizing the accomplishment that is every long-distance friendship, is a wonderful way to set a positive outlook for yourself and that friendship. Go, you guys!

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