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Are D-Nice And Halle Berry Dating? Couple Sparks Dating Rumors After This Comment She Made On His Instagram Dance Party

Are D-Nice And Halle Berry Dating? Couple Sparks Dating Rumors After This Comment She Made On His Instagram Dance Party

Right now, most of us are self-isolating, including celebrities, but that doesn't mean a love connection can't happen ... even if we have to use Instagram to do it. 

There are serious rumors that Halle Berry and D-Nice could be dating after seeing their recent Instagram comments, especially after his latest DJ set online.

So are D-Nice and Berry dating? Here's everything we know about the situation. 

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D-Nice has been bringing people together during the coronavirus crisis.


A post shared by D-Nice (@dnice) on Feb 21, 2020 at 6:27pm PST

In recent weeks, D-Nice has been gaining followers like crazy as he's taken to broadcasting on Instagram Live to host virtual dance parties for people who are bored at home while self-isolating. His broadcast has attracted the attention of new fans and celebrities alike, and he's already amassed nearly two million followers on Instagram, showing how much people really do appreciate his entertainment at a time like this.  

Berry made flirty comments toward him during his "couch party" broadcast this week.

When Berry tuned into D-Nice's "couch party" on Wednesday, which he hosted along with Michelle Obama in order to promote voter registration, she didn't try to hide how much fun she was having. In comments she submitted to the broadcast on D-Nice's Instagram, she wrote, "I could stay here all night," and when she signed off, she added, "Good night Nice, you made my night." Yep, that definitely sounds flirty to us! 

Later, she told Corey Gamble how much the broadcasts mean to her.


A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on Mar 26, 2020 at 2:08pm PDT

Corey Gamble commented on one of Berry's Instagram posts, writing, "Btw it was a fun funny night at club Dnice last night," to which Berry replied, "Yep. That time spent there is holding me together. So needed and so many of us appreciate his efforts to keep us sane!!" She also added a laughing emoji and a heart emoji.  

Berry's been singing D-Nice's praises on Twitter, too. 

Not only has Berry retweeted several messages about D-Nice's online DJ sets, but she's also shared a bit of praise of her own, too. 

"It was UNREAL!!" she wrote in response to a tweet from Diddy shouting out D-Nice and the fact that more than 100,000 people tuned in to his Instagram Live.

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It seems like they're both single right now. 

Looking at both Berry and D-Nice's Instagram accounts, it would seem like they're both currently single, which means if they're being serious about this flirtation, there's definitely a chance it could work out. Aside from encouraging people to stay home, Berry's been sharing videos of her kids without a potential significant other in sight. And then, there's D-Nice, who's focusing on promoting his broadcasts and sharing how much he wished he could be with his own kids. Two single parents who aren't seeing anyone and clearly seem to appreciate each other's talent? This sounds like it could be a match! 

So are Halle Berry and D-Nice dating? Right now, It seems like it's just friendly flirtation. 

Given that everyone's isolating right now, it's not likely that we'll spot Berry and D-Nice out and about (although we're totally rooting for them to connect on FaceTime instead). Hopefully, once this pandemic is behind us, they can connect. Who knows? Maybe these quarantine dance parties will truly bring them together. 

For now, we'll just keep an eye out on Berry's Instagram comments. 

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