How To Love Spiritually During COVID-19

In any time of crisis, we should obligate ourselves to be selfless and serve others.

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During social distancing and COVID-19, we love others spiritually when we physically can't be close.

If we choose to express hatred and impatience; then others will lose faith in spiritual love and the assurance of God’s ability to give us inner peace. It’s still easy to live in fear even if we love, have faith, and love people.

How can we show spiritual love others during COVID-19?

Sacrificing for the excitement of going out to protect those who are vulnerable, is the main selfless goal we need to aim to meet.


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Our reactions reflect on how much we trust God during moments of crisis.

As faith-followers, our actions and words reflect our belief systems.

When a crisis occurs, as humans, we have a reaction called ‘fight or flight.’


In this scenario, ‘flight’ is losing our faith in God for holding our tomorrows. ‘Fight’ represents becoming a prayer warrior during this health pandemic.

It’s understandable to lose hope after recognizing the increase of death tolls in Spain, Italy, Iran, China, U.S, and more.

There’s the fear of mutation and scientists discovering more than a couple of other strangers.

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There’s also the fear of the business economy being dramatically affected, and people losing their jobs for at least a month.

Instead of seeing COVID-19 health pandemic as a crisis, the true storm that should be controlled is within.


The U.S government is implementing the Stimulus Bill.

This is a pell grant for unemployment benefits up to one-thousand dollars, and a two-trillion package for business for the business economy.

There’s always good that’s promised to come out of our darkest hours.

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Revealing our true masks is a spiritual process.

While shopping for surgical masks, buying unnecessary amounts of toilet paper, and fighting over hand sanitizers, our true masks are being revealed.

God allows certain storms to hinder our balance, to truly test if we will continue to lend a helping hand.

To love in a spiritual sense means to be relentless in expressing selfishness.


True kindness is when we’re giving something up while losing something that suffices our personal pleasures.

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Selflessness is the key to spiritual love.

Thinking of others during national crises is how we should try to move forward.

Social distancing, instead of relational, is recommended these days.

Connecting with others during the national quarantine is vital.

Physically we’re away from others, but similar to God connecting with others, we all use a source to keep us together.

Thankfully, we have technology like cell phones, facetime, and other social media apps as a way to fight through the coronavirus.


Respecting distance from our elders is important because the COVID-19 affects those with weak immune systems.

Those affected are adults above sixty-five, people who live in nursing homes, pregnant women, and children with medical diseases.

Making room for God to move.

Christians represent services for others.

Implementing compassion spiritually, so everyone gets an opportunity for grace.

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Simply by staying in our homes as an act of obedience, to keep others from getting sick, allows God to heal those who are contaminated.

During this pandemic, God gives us opportunities to share with others about trusting Him.


When we live in fear, we’ll turn to anyone for hope, but we’re also reminded to turn to God for spiritual guidance.

A crisis like these stirs our emotions, and we want to feel secured by family and loved ones spiritually.

Loving others like Jesus can be as simple as telling someone, “It’s okay, God has it under control.”


Perhaps, your neighbor lives by themselves and they have no one to connect to share their thoughts and feelings.

This gives anyone a free phone call to check up on them, and remind them that they’re not alone during this health pandemic.

How we make each other feel represents spiritual love

In order to show spiritual love others we must, be mindful, available, bold, graceful, and giving.

While staying at our homes gives us a chance to take on self-care, we also receive joy by simply connecting with others.

Personally, I know when I get anxious about dramatic predicaments, something about calling on God gives me internal security.

Even though he’s not physically with me, it’s how God makes me feel that I’ll always appreciate it.


A connection isn’t a one-way highway. Both people should notice each other, recognize their doubts or fears, and to openly accept them.

This will express that we’re all imperfect. Accepting your own challenges and praying God can move through us, helps others to become more open while not feeling judged about it.

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