Who Is Jordan McGraw's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Morgan Stewart

Who Is Jordan McGraw's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Morgan Stewart
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If the name "Jordan McGraw" sounds familiar, it's because he has a rather famous last name. And yes, he is the son of Dr. Phil McGraw — and Dr. Phil's longtime wife, Robin — and he even works with his father on his hit eponymous syndicated show. 

Now, however, he's making the news for a completely different reason: his dating life! Seems that McGraw got himself a new girlfriend — who actually happens to be an old girlfriend who he rekindled his relationship with. 

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So, who is Jordan McGraw's girlfriend, Morgan Stewart? Let's look at what we know about her. 

1. Who is Jordan McGraw's girlfriend? Her name is Morgan Stewart.

Stewart first came into the pop culture consciousness when she was a star on the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Today, Stewart is a co-host on the popular E! network show Daily Pop. She is also the creative director of her own sports clothing line. 

2. Stewart recently split from her fellow Rich Kids of Beverly Hills co-star Brandon Fitzpatrick.

In October 2019, Stewart filed for divorce from her fellow Rich Kids of Beverly Hills co-star Brandon Fitzpatrick. The couple was married for six years prior to splitting. Stewart also said that even though she would still have love for Fitzpatrick, they couldn't make their marriage work.

3. Stewart was reportedly having an affair with an E! network executive.

Before Stewart and Fitzpatrick announced their split, Stewart was accused of having an affair with an E! network executive. Bryce Kristensen, the executive in question, is also married. Despite the rumors that their behavior was "obvious" and "inappropriate," Stewart insisted that nothing was going on between them. Even Kristensen denied the allegations. "Morgan and I have been friends and colleagues for years, and nothing more than that," he said.

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4. But Fitzpatrick confirmed that he was the one who wanted a divorce.

Even though Stewart was blamed for her marriage to Brandon Fitzpatrick ending, it was Fitzpatrick who told people that he was the one who wanted the divorce. A month before the couple announced their split, Fitzpatrick was walking around without his wedding ring, and unfollowed Stewart on Instagram.

5. McGraw and Stewart sparked dating rumors back in February 2020. 

Back in February 2020, McGraw and Stewart first sparked dating rumors when they appeared in an Instagram photo together looking happy and in love. You can check out the photo that sparked the dating rumors below. 

6. They first started dating ten years ago, but reunited recently. 

"[Jordan and I] dated 10 years ago for a year and then he broke up because he was like, ‘I’m not down with you, b***h.' And then I was like ‘Fine, whatever, I’m over you, I don’t care.’ And then I went on obviously to have another relationship. Then the past year we got back together. Isn’t that cute?” Stewart said. “He was persistent and I was like, ‘all right,'" Stewart said.

Congratulations are in order for the happy couple!

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