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Does Victoria Fuller Win 'The Bachelor'? A Major Shift That May Happen With Peter Weber

Does Victoria Fuller Win 'The Bachelor'? A Major Shift That May Happen With Peter Weber

This season of The Bachelor has been an... unusual one, to say the least. Just days away from the finale, and it's proving impossible to predict how this season ends. 

At this point, it seems like Weber either ends up with Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett — or a wild card, because whatever's happening after the show is totally up in the air, with very few spoilers to indicate what might be going on. 

Could Victoria Fuller win The Bachelor, even though she's already been eliminated? At this point, what happens next is anyone's guess.

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1. Fuller was eliminated already earlier this season. 


A post shared by Victoria Fuller (@vlfuller) on Mar 3, 2020 at 4:25pm PST

All season long, Fuller's been a pretty controversial contestant — and not just because of her drama on the show. She's been called out for posing in "white lives matter" gear, and there have been rumors that she has broken up marriages in the past, although those rumors have never been confirmed. Even so, she seemed to really hit it off with Weber but ultimately, he ended up sending her home after Fantasy Suite dates, and that seemed to be the end of their relationship... unless it wasn't? 

2. A new theory suggests that she could actually be the winner, after all. 

This theory is built around something Weber said on Women Tell All. When he and Fuller sat down to chat on the show, he said, "I really do feel good about our relationship," which makes it sound like he's talking about what they have in the present tense. So could Weber have been guilty of a slip of the tongue, or was he just saying that he's glad they're still friends? Either way, it's given fans enough pause to wonder if this could mean that they managed to get back together after the show filmed.

3. There's also a theory that Weber is actually with another castoff, Kelley Flanagan. 

Another theory emerged on TikTok this week, where fans pointed out that Flanagan might actually be with Weber (and that she's potentially pregnant with his baby) because she was missing from Women Tell All and she is the only woman from Weber's season that his family follows on social media. At this point, all bets are off — anything could happen, and theories are all over the place! 

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4. According to Reality Steve, this all ends with Madison Prewett. 

On Thursday, the Bachelor spoilers guru took to his blog to share the ending he thinks has come together at this point — that Weber chased after Prewett when she left the show, and that they're now dating but not engaged, and apparently, things got very messy between everyone involved in the process. 

5. Lately, though, the ending has become less and less clear. 

Not long after Steve posted his blog, he shared a tweet that revealed that he's getting a lot of conflicting information from all over the place. But what he has confirmed is that, as far as he knows, Weber is with either Sluss or Prewett, no one else.

"One thing that I can absolutely confirm again is that this ending does not involve anyone other than Madison and Hannah Ann," Steve tweeted later on Thursday. "It involves both of them and that’s it. No producer, no Hannah Brown, no Kelley — nothing like that. But there is definitely some weirdness going on."

6. So does Fuller win The Bachelor? We'll have to wait and see. 

As Reality Steve would have us believe, the answer is a no — but it's impossible to know if his intel is correct until the finale airs next week. In just a matter of days, we'll have our final answer ... the suspense is almost over, people! Whether Weber is with Fuller, one of his final two, or someone else entirely, we'll have all the answers in just a few days. 

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