8 Songs For Praise & Worship

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8 Songs For Praise & Worship

If you find yourself stuck on which Christian worship songs to download for your playlist, don't worry you're not alone.

It's easy to go on your music app and throw on any playlist that is suggested for you during your morning commute or Saturday cleaning session.

Not all praise and worship songs are equal.

There are certain Christian songs everyone knows.

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Ah yes, the first sounds we heard in the womb if we grew up in the church.

These are the Christian songs we dreaded as children when our parents dragged us to Sunday service.

The worship songs we had to learn when we were part of the church choir.

I usually don't listen to worship music in my day to day life, and if you don't either, don't beat yourself up for it.

However, I know what it feels like to have your family, the church, and your guilty conscience tells you if you're not getting some worship time in, you're not doing the whole Christian life right!

But that's not the case. If you were raised in the church and know God, truth is that faith and belief are already instilled in your being.

I have always loved worship not because someone told me to, but because of how much I love music in general!

With my love for music and singing, and how powerful most of the worship services I've been in, I found a new respect for worship music.

The point of worshipping is to completely let go of who you are and what you're doing and give God all of your praise.

No matter what you've been through, what you're doing in your life, those intimate moments where you can allow yourself to let go are truly the greatest moments you will ever feel.

But what songs do I listen to? What songs make me feel the most liberated and peaceful?

Here are the best praise and worship songs that everyone loves:

1. Praise & Worship Song: "Transfiguration" by Hillsong Worship

This song is number one on my playlist for a reason.

In 2015, Hillsong Worship released their album, "Open Heaven/River Wild," and it is arguably one of their best albums to date.

The composition, the lyrics, and the production of the song really move my hands up to the sky without me realizing it.

This song talks about the promise God has for all of us and how grateful we are for what He has done for us.

2. Praise & Worship Song: "Where You Go I Go" by Kim Walker/Jesus Culture

All of my OG's know this song! And if you don't, get into it! A bit of an oldie, but "Where You Go I Go" will always remain a major goodie in my eyes.

Like the title says, this song promises that no matter where we are in life, we will always follow the path God has made for us.

It is a declaration of living His truths and following His promises that are made for us.

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3. Praise & Worship Song: "No Longer Slaves" by Bethel Music

Shoutout to my mom for urging me to download this song!
"No Longer Slaves" is about breaking the chains that have bound you from moving forward.
It is simply telling us that through God, there is no reason to fear or worry.

"You split the seas so I could walk right through it" screams to me, "God has paved the way!

All you need to do is walk and keep your eyes fixated on Him."

4. Praise & Worship Song: "Do It Again" by Elevation Worship

If you are going through challenging obstacles in life right now, this song will surely lift your spirits.

"Your promise still stands, great is your faithfulness" should be engraved in your minds.

Despite the hardships and overwhelming emotions, you have to remember that He will never fail you nor abandon you.

After every storm comes sunshine and a rainbow.

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5. Praise & Worship Song: "Your Spirit" by Tasha Cobbs Leonard ft. Kierra Sheard

As I was listening to this song to get a better understanding of the lyrics, I received one of the best emails of my life.

And that is exactly why this song is perfect!

This song is all about welcoming the spirit of God into your life.

He is the light in our lives that will never fade!

6. Praise & Worship Song: "Holy Holy Holy" by Donnie McClurkin

Get ready for this old school classic that still brings me to tears!

Like the other songs in this playlist, "Holy Holy Holy" is a testament about how good and gracious Jesus is.

I think we all need a bit of flavor when it comes to worship music and Donnie McClurkin will surely bring God into your house, car or workplace.

After all, he does have actual angels singing with him in this live video.

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7. Praise & Worship Song: "My Soul Longs For You" by Jesus Culture

I've been a huge fan of Jesus Culture since I was 12 years old (almost 11 years ago now).

I have to pay homage to the group who really helped me love to worship.

This song talks about the longing for God in our hearts.

And when He shows up, brace yourself for an abundance of blessings.

With only eight lines of lyrics, it is delivered through powerful vocals from none other than Kim Walker herself.

8. Praise & Worship Song: "Heart Like Heaven" by Hillsong UNITED

This is another anthem for those who are feeling weak and need someone to lean on and trust in.

Good news for you, that person is Jesus!

This song is an upbeat and powerful song with a message that a lot of us need to get us through a hectic day or week.

Even with a broken heart or shattered faith, cast all of those emotions onto Him and watch the magic happen.

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