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Is Kody Brown Divorcing Robyn Brown? Why The 'Sister Wives' Couple Is At Odds After Their Move To Flagstaff

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Is Kody Brown Divorcing Robyn Brown? Why The 'Sister Wives' Couple Is At Odds After Their Move To Flagstaff

There's been a lot of tension in the Brown family on Sister Wives this season and now, it sounds like the worst is yet to come.

In a new sneak peek for an upcoming episode, Kody hinted at possibly splitting up with Robyn ... and it sounds like things are definitely about to get worse in their marriage.

But is Kody Brown divorcing Robyn Brown for real — or is this just another plot point in the often dramatic reality show? Let's find out. 

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1. The family has been at odds ever since moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. 


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Fans who have been tuning into Sister Wives on TLC know that things haven't exactly been easy for the family since relocating to Flagstaff. Rather than living together in one cul de sac like they did in Las Vegas, the family is in their own separate homes miles apart until they're ready to start building on the land they purchased in Flagstaff. At first, they were having a difficult time selling their homes in Vegas and most recently, Kody has been trying to convince Robyn to purchase a home after her rental fell through — an option she has said she's not comfortable with on multiple occasions. 

2. In a sneak peek for a new episode, Kody said he's thinking about "dissolving" his partnership with Robyn. 

In a clip that aired after Sunday's new episode, it seemed Kody and Robyn were still fighting, as she was upset that he seemed to be breaking his promise to make sure that everyone in the family would be back together someday, including her kids. In the clip, Robyn insisted that she felt God would provide her family with the right rental home, while Kody argued that the right choice was to buy, and at that point, he said that he'd consider leaving their marriage and buying a house of his own.

3. Out of his four wives, Robyn is the only one Kody is legally married to. 

Given that it's not legal for someone to be married to multiple partners, the Browns got around that law by having just one marriage in their family be recognized by the court. At first, this was Kody's marriage to Meri, his first wife but later they divorced so that Kody could be legally married to Robyn and adopt her children from her previous marriage. 

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4. There have been rumors Kody has taken a new wife.

Thanks to an addition to the Brown family's Wikipedia page, there have been rumors that Kody married a woman named Leah Marie Brown in 2019. However, her name was removed from the page rather quickly, and there's no word on whether this was legitimate or a fake update to the page. But if his marriage to Robyn is, indeed, shaky, it would make sense if he was in the process of adding another wife to his family. 

5. Robyn and Kody haven't spoken out about the situation. 

So far, whatever's going on between them has stayed under the radar, left to play out on Sister Wives. Robyn hasn't updated her Instagram account since March 2019, and neither she nor Kody have spoken out about the situation publicly, so it's hard to know what's actually going on. 

6. Is Kody Brown divorcing Robyn Brown? It's too soon to tell. 

At this point, it definitely doesn't seem like their marriage is in a very happy place — and at the same time, Kody's been having his own ongoing conflicts with Meri, too. It wouldn't be surprising at all if a major shakeup was in store for this plural family, but only time will tell how the rest of the situation plays out for sure.

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