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Why Snoop Dogg's Daughter Cori Broadus Is Getting Called Out For Posting Sexy Thong Photo

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ori Broadus Sexy Photos: Snoop Dogg's Daughter Posts Photos In A Thong, Immediately Gets 'Body Shamed'

Hip hop 'heads watched Cori Broadus grow up right before their very eyes. The daughter of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and his longtime wife, Shante, was very clearly the apple of her father's eye, almost from birth, and the "Nothin' But A G Thing" rapper seemed to relish in everything she did from beginning to end. 

Believe it or not, too, Cori Broadus is all grown up, and is a lovely young lady at 20 years old. 

But not long ago, she shared a photo on her Instagram page that went viral seemingly overnight but not for all the right reasons. It didn't take long for the trolls to descend on her social media page and leave all sorts of nasty comments once she left the photo on her page. 

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So, what did Cori Broadus' sexy photo show? Let's look at what we know. 

1. What did Cori Broadus' sexy photo show? She posed in a thong. 

In an Instagram post that she subsequently deleted — but was captured and reposted by another Instagram account — Cori Broadus showed the world that she wasn't just Snoop Dogg's little girl anymore when she revealed her butt cheeks while wearing a black racy thong. Broadus paired the thong with a matching black tank top. While some comments on the post below were positive toward her, praising her for embracing her natural curves, others were very derogatory and called her all sorts of names including "fat" and "thirsty." 

2. She made headlines not long ago for getting a face tattoo. 

A few weeks before Broadus made headlines for her sexy photoshoot, she made headlines because she got a new face tattoo. Much like Cindy Crawford's son, and a few other celebrity children, Broadus seemed to be following an interesting fashion trend when she got the word "Belle" tattooed above her eyebrow. You can check out the photo below.


3. She graduated from a prestigious high school, which made her dad very proud. 

When Broadus graduated from the prestigious Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts high school in Los Angeles, CA, few people were as proud as her father, Snoop Dogg. In a series of Instagram posts, "The Doggfather" showed off his "baby girl" while dancing to George Benson's "On Broadway" and Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It." He also made sure his followers knew that he was a "proud papa," as well.

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4. She tried to get into music just like her dad. 

Back in 2018, Broadus tried to follow in her famous father's footsteps by releasing a single called "Love Me For Me." (You can hear the song in the video above.) Broadus got candid about her reasons for releasing the song, which she released under her stage name CHOC: she wanted her fans to feel comfortable in their own skin while getting candid about her own struggles with accepting her body.

5. She even made headlines for her hairstyle.

That same year that she released her music single, Broadus made headlines when she shared — and subsequently deleted, though the photo was subsequently screenshotted by a few sites who took notice of her posting — an Instagram post showing off her new hairstyle. She shaved off all her hair to send a message that she was "through with worrying about people's opinions." You go, girl!

6. What's next for Cori Broadus?

Recently, Broadus announced she's an official partner for the fast-fashion company, FashionNova. So she's been taking to her social media pages to show off her modeling skills while advertising the chic clothes. Whatever it is she decides to do next, it's safe to say that Broadus has a bright future ahead of her! 

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