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Who Is Snoop Dogg's Daughter? Why Cori Broadus Is Getting Called Out For Her Face Tattoo

Who Is Snoop Dogg's Daughter? Why Cori Broadus' Getting Called Out For Her Face Tattoo

Snoop Dogg always likes to keep things interesting and now, it seems like his daughter is the same way — especially when it comes to her ink. 

This week, Snoop's daughter, Cori Broadus, is turning heads after she got a new face tattoo. Given, it's not that common of a spot for a new tat, but it really has people up in arms.

So who is Snoop Dogg's daughter, anyway? Here's everything fans need to know about Cori Broadus and why her new tat has people talking.

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1. Broadus showed off her new tattoo on Instagram. 


A post shared by CHOC (@princessbroadus) on Feb 2, 2020 at 12:09am PST

On February 2, Broadus took to Instagram to share her new ink — the word "belle" just above her eyebrow on the side of her face. It's definitely a bold choice for a tattoo, but she seems pretty happy with her new look. (And in fact, she wouldn't be the first celebrity kid to show off a new facial ink; Cindy Crawford's son just revealed a controversial face tattoo as well.)

"Belle= beautiful in French," she wrote.

2. The hate has been rolling in.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have been commenting on Broadus' Instagram post of her tattoo, letting her know that they disapprove of it. "So beautiful, but not on your face," one commenter wrote, while another chimed in, "All of the internet aunties: IS THAT PERMANENT?" Permanent or not, Broadus seems happy with it, and her opinion is the only one that matters, obviously... and the 20-year-old doesn't seem to be paying the haters much mind. 

3. But who is Snoop Dogg's daughter, Cori Broadus? She's also a musician and she goes by CHOC. 

Broadus definitely seems to be following in Snoop's footsteps! Much like he did, she's also pursuing a career in the music industry, going by the stage name CHOC. It seems like she's still pretty new to music, but Broadus has already shared some of her music on YouTube, where she's amassed over 5,000 subscribers. Previously, Broadus went by Cori B and even released a song with her dad called "Daddy's Girl," with Snoop starring alongside her in the music video. It seems like music has been a passion of hers for a long time, and she's not slowing down on her dreams anytime soon! 

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4. She's close with her family, including her famous dad.


A post shared by CHOC (@princessbroadus) on Aug 24, 2018 at 9:38am PDT

While most of Broadus' Instagram account is all about her — with plenty of photos showing off her outfits to go around — Broadus will also occasionally post about her family, her dad included. It's hard to fully understand what it must be like to grow up with a dad who happens to be one of the most well known rappers of all time, but it seems like despite his busy schedule, they've forged a pretty strong relationship. In October, Broadus shared a post in honor of Snoop's birthday, along with a super-heartfelt message that shows how close they really are.

"You’re such a great person, if I’m having a bad day you can turn it into a good day within seconds and that’s soo dope!" she wrote at the time. "Don’t ever change, blessings will always come yo way. & Thank you for being here for me thru this life shit, I know I can count on you any day. You deserve the world and I wish I could give you that. Imma always be yo number 1 girl, I got yo front and yo back." 

5. Snoop is a proud father.

Although Snoop doesn't tend to make a habit of going too deep into his personal life, it would seem that he's pretty proud of his daughter and the way she's working hard for her music career. Last year, he shared her first live performance on his Instagram, just like any proud father would. As far as we can tell, these two make a pretty good pair.

6. Snoop Dogg has 3 other kids.

Along with Broadus, Snoop has two other children with his wife, Shante: 22-year-old Cordell and 25-year-old Corde. He's also father to a 22-year-old son, Julian, with Laurie Holmond. 

So far, there's no word on what Snoop might think of Broadus' new tattoo, but we wouldn't be surprised if he approved, as long as his daughter is happy. And like we said — isn't htat all that matters? 

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