What Is The #GodzillaChallenge? Eminem Creates Viral Challenge For Devoted Hip Hop Fans — Watch

The winner gets a prize!

What Is The #GodzillaChallenge? Eminem Creates Viral Challenge For Devoted Hip Hop Fans — Watch Getty Images

There are lots of people who claim to know how to rap — but now, superstar rapper Eminem wants to see aspiring rappers put their money where their mouth is. Inspired by a song from his newest album, the rap legend born Marshall Mathers is asking his most devoted fans to prove that they can hold their own with the real Slim Shady. 

So, he put forth a new viral challenge: The #GodzillaChallenge. 


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What is the #GodzillaChallenge, and how can you get involved? Here's what we know about Eminem's latest viral challenge.

1. What is the #GodzillaChallenge? Eminem wants to see if you can rap as fast as he can.

On February 25, 2020, Eminem took to Twitter to announce he was launching the #GodzillaChallenge. "Fill 'em with the venom and eliminate 'em," he wrote, then posted a video of himself going bonkers on the mic, and invited his fans to do the same. You can check out his invite video below. 


2. It's based on the song "Godzilla" from Music To Get Murdered By.

"Godzilla" is more than just a song on Eminem's new album — it actually broke records. Em holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for Most Words in a Hit Single (with his song, "Rap God"), and he rapped 224 words in the final 30 seconds of the third verse of "Godzilla." That breaks down to about 7.46 words per second (whereas "Rap God" only saw Eminem rapping at 6.46 words per second).

3. He used the new social media app called Triller. 

Triller is a relatively new social media app that Eminem used to debut the #GodzillaChallenge, and he got more than 6 million views in one day when he debuted the viral video challenge. "This is an example of the success that established and new artists are seeing as a result of Triller," said Mike Lu, Chief Executive Officer of Triller, in an email statement. "It is so easy to produce a professional video in seconds on Triller that it has become that platform that new artists are using to break new songs today."


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4. Eminem's longtime nemesis Benzino responded to the #GodzillaChallenge.

Benzino, the former Love & Hip Hop star and former editor of The Source, has been "beefing" with Eminem since the late 1990s. Naturally, when he found out about the #GodzillaChallenge, he couldn't resist the opportunity to make a statement. On the same day Eminem released the challenge, he admitted that he was a "guest in the house of hip hop," which meant that he understands that as a white man, he is coming in on a culture created by Black men. But Benzino took the opportunity to slam him, instead, calling him a "culture vulture" and accusing his "stans" of being racist.

5. The winner of the contest gets a bunch of prizes. 

If you think you've got what it takes to win the #GodzillaChallenge, you have the chance to win some great prizes. The grand prize winner of the challenge will receive an autographed lithograph for their efforts, plus a pair of Beats headphones, and a shoutout from Eminem himself!

6. You can still enter!

If you think you've got what it takes to out-rhyme Eminem, all you have to do is Tweet, or Instagram, your video, include the hashtag #GodzillaChallenge, and Eminem will post the best ones. From there, it will be determined who takes home the grand prize. 


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