Does Gunna Have A Sidechick? Rapper's Girlfriend Jai Nice Appears To Threaten A Woman Named Heather Rose

Who is Heather Rose?

Does Gunna Have A Sidechick? Rapper's Girlfriend Jai Nice Appears To Threaten A Woman Named Heather Rose Getty Images

As one of the hottest rising stars in hip hop today, Gunna (real name: Sergio Giavanni Kitchens) is a rapper who has worked with the likes of Young Thug and Lil Baby. As yet another artist of Young Thug's 300 Entertainment label — home to the likes of Fetty Wap, Lil Keed, and Megan Thee Stallion — Gunna, who got his start in 2013 under the name Yung Gunna, is quickly becoming one of the most prominent rappers in the 21st century, and promises to have a long and storied career ahead of him. 


His rising popularity is, perhaps, why his personal life has come into the spotlight.

Recently, his longtime girlfriend Jai Nice took to social media to threaten a woman named Heather Rose. 

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So, does Gunna have a sidechick? Let's look at what we know about these affair rumors.

1. Does Gunna have a sidechick named Heather Rose?

Billing herself as an Atlanta-based beauty influencer, Heather Rose frequently posts photos of her modeling efforts on her Instagram page. In an exclusive interview, Rose said that people have a lot of misconceptions about her — that she's a "mean girl," that she's "shady," and that she's a "b***h" — and insists there's more to her than what's on the surface. She says that there are a lot of rumors out there about her, but that she gets so many rumors because she "doesn't say much." "I let whoever think whatever," she said.Her Instagram page is private, however.

2. Who is Jai Nice? 

With more than a million followers on her Instagram page, Jai Nice is a model and an entrepreneur who created Kloset Envy, an exclusive curated collection of clothes and shoes, and they frequently run sales for their most loyal customers as well. 



A post shared by Jai Nice (@jai_nice) on Feb 8, 2020 at 7:53pm PST

3. Jai Nice has been dating Gunna since, at least, November 2019. 

Jai Nice and Gunna became "Instagram official" in November 2019. You can see a repost of their "IG official" announcement below. While it's unclear how long they'd been dating prior to becoming "Instagram official," they've been officially together since that time. 



A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Nov 28, 2019 at 11:09am PST

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4. So what happened?

On February 19, 2020, Nice took to her Twitter page to seemingly make clear that she was "down for whatever," and implied, though didn't outright state, that she was aware that someone was trying to mess with her man. "Don’t play with me cause it’s Gunna be a problem," she wrote. When Heather Rose "liked" the tweet, but didn't reply to it, Nice sent out another tweet that made clear that Rose should think twice before "playing with" her. The Twitter exchange sparked rumors there was beef between the two ladies and that Gunna might have a sidechick.


5. Nice then went into more detail in her Instagram Live. 

After the little Twitter incident, Nice took to her Instagram Live to clear up exactly what she meant by the tweets. She said — in a much more brusque manner — that she didn't care who was messing with Gunna, just as long as they didn't come and tell her about it from behind fake social media accounts. She does not address Rose by name, however.

You can watch the entire video below.

Subsequent comments from fans suggested that not only was this behavior beneath Nice, but that Gunna was "for the streets" (meaning, anybody and everybody can get in bed with him, if they wanted to), and either she had to be okay with that situation, or she had to accept that this man really wasn't her serious boyfriend. 

6. Heather Rose has not responded to the claims. 

As of this writing, Heather Rose has not responded to the claims and challenges put forth by Jai Nice. However, it also bears stating that Gunna hasn't come forward with a statement, either. 


But there are quite a few people who believe that this isn't the first time that Rose has acted like a "side chick" to a famous man. One woman pointed out that Rose "can't get her own man." Another pointed out that Rose had affairs with other famous men, in the past. And still another suggested that Nice should take up her issues with Gunna, not Rose, because Rose "owes her no loyalty."

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