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Is Lil Durk's Girlfriend Pregnant? India Royale Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

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Is Lil Durk's Girlfriend Pregnant? India Royale Sparks Pregnancy Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post

India Royale is the very definition of the word "Instagram famous." With more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account, the CEO of the Royale Girls frequently shares beauty, family, and makeup tips on her verified account. Occasionally, too, she will share her infinite fount of knowledge on her YouTube page, which of course has delighted her fans all over the world. 

But she's also well known for who her baby daddy is — namely, a rapper by the name of Lil Durk. 

Now, rumors have emerged that Royale is pregnant, again, thanks to an Instagram post. 

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So, is Lil Durk's girlfriend pregnant again? Let's look at what we know about these latest rumors. 

1. Is Lil Durk's girlfriend pregnant again? She posted a photo with her belly distended.

According to Royale, people had been "asking her" if she was pregnant again, and in response to the question, she posted an Instagram photo with her belly distended out. You can check out the photo below.


A post shared by India Royale (@indiaroyale) on Feb 24, 2020 at 2:57pm PST

2. She later said that she was "just kidding."

When one of her friends, Jasmine Dior, commented on the Instagram photo above — "I was just about to call you!" — Royale was quick to respond that she was "just kidding" about the "pregnancy announcement." She further added that she posted the photo that made it look like she was pregnant because "people were asking" and she wanted to mess with their heads. She also posted a link to the store where to buy the dress and offered a discount code as well. 

3. Lil Durk already has six children. 

In total, Lil Durk already has six children — but only one of them is with India Royale. His first two children are with Nicole Covone — a son, Angelo, and a daughter, Bella. However, shortly after Bella was born, he split up with Covone. He then had three children with two different women, but the names of those children's mothers are not public. However, Lil Durk is proud of all his children, and frequently shares photos of them on his social media pages. 

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4. Did he secretly marry India Royale?

Shortly after Willow, Lil Durk's daughter with India Royale, was born, rumors began emerging that the couple was "secretly wed" in a private ceremony. The rumors began circulating because the pair made the announcement while Royale was wearing what looked to be potentially a white wedding dress. However, no one was able to confirm that the duo were, indeed, married. 

5. He's written songs for her. 

Nothing says "I love you" like a song with your name on it and Lil Durk has dedicated not one, but two, songs to Royale. "India," the first song dedicated to Royale, has more than 33 million views on YouTube as of this writing. You can check out "India Part II," which is the second song Durk dedicated to Royale, above. 

6. But they've had their fair share of drama, too. 

In January 2020, rumors that Lil Durk and India Royale were separating shortly after the duo unfollowed one another on Instagram. That unfollowing was followed by a series of cryptic posts made by Lil Durk on his Instagram stories (which, of course, were screenshoted by another site), in which he seemed to accuse Royale of cheating on him with the rapper Young Thug

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Fortunately, however, the fight blew over, and the couple seems to be happy and in love again. 

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