3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Not Marriage Material

Wedding bells or rides to hell?

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Not Marriage Material Ali Müftüoğulları via @pexels

It seems like there are those who were born to be the best boyfriends/girlfriends the world can see. From their loving nature to the way they are emotionally in tune with your feelings, these people are the best to date!

You always find yourself smiling anytime you go on your weekend dates and you love the way they can be themselves around your friends. It seems as though this person was made just for you.


But which zodiac signs are not marriage material?

Whenever we go out into the world on a quest to find that special someone, we find it easier to list the things we'd want in an ideal partner.

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Are they passionate about their work? Do they love their families just as much as you love yours? Are they good listeners and communicators?

Whatever it is you want in someone, we tend to think of all the good things in people. But what about the bad?

Sure, your partner can be an amazing person who can't stop helping those in need.

Did you ever notice how they aren't too confident in themselves?

Truth is, we don't look for the 'bad' in people we're interested in.

We only look for the qualities we see fit to our needs and desires.

I feel as though looking for those not so great qualities are what we should be looking for.

When we know the imperfections of someone, we see a preview of how well (or not so well) they'd be able to match with our own personalities.


In this article, I've taken a deep dive into astrology and found the three best zodiac signs to date.

But that's not all! These horoscopes signs may be perfect to date, but the real question is, are they the ones to tie the knot with?

Here's three zodiac signs who are not marriage material — and why, per astrology.

1. Virgo's perfectionism is the reason why they are not marriage material.

Virgos are extreme perfectionists; this can be one of their better qualities in a relationship.

They are also very dependable, meaning whenever you need them, they will always do their best to show up.

However, these qualities can be their biggest downfall.

They are great at debating, so if the two of you get into the smallest argument, they'll go to the ends of the Earth to make sure you either stop talking or admit you're wrong.


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2. Libra zodiac signs aren't marriage material due to their inability to make snap choices.

When you are in a relationship with a Libra, you will constantly be reassured that you are loved and appreciated.

They are extremely reliable people, and they always aim for balance and stability.

But being balanced means thinking of which foot to put the most weight on.

Libra's are very indecisive and if it comes down to a life or death scenario, they'd be in big trouble.

This can disrupt a marriage when you are looking to buy a new house, start a family, or move away to another state.


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3. Cancer zodiac signs aren't great marriage material because of their moodiness.

Cancers are the most in-tune people of the zodiac. They are masters of their emotions and will always know what to say when you are feeling down.

They will never turn their backs on your during moments of uncertainty because they are understanding your situation.


If you are anything like me (a cold-hearted Gemini, as told by many zodiac signs), sometimes dealing with someone who is way too emotional can be exhausting.

You will probably feel like the majority of your relationship is patting your partner on the back saying "there, there"... Not so fun, huh?

But who am I to tell you who you should or shouldn't date/marry. You're your own person with your own wants and needs. Choose your life partner wisely and create a happy life together! Flaws and all.

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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers astrology, spirituality, love and relationships.