Who Is Odell Beckham Jr.'s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Model Lauren "Lolo" Wood

NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. is attached to Instagram model and influencer Lauren "Lolo" Wood.

Who Is Odell Beckham Jr.'s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Model Lauren "Lolo" Wood Instagram

Odell Beckham Jr. — also known to football fans as "OBJ" — is a Wide Receiver for the NFL's Cleveland Browns. He was drafted by the New York Giants as a first round draft pick in 2014, breaking several NFL rookie receiving records in his first season.

A NFL Pro Bowler in his first three seasons, Beckham signed a five-year, $95 million contract extension with the Giants in August 2018. However, he suffered a quad injury late into the season and missed the last four games.


Beckham was acquired by the aforementioned Browns in March 2019 and managed to play in all 16 games during the 2019 NFL season. He only scored four touchdowns during the season but still received over 1,000 yards over the course of those 16 games.

Beckham made headlines last month when it was announced he was undergoing core muscle surgery. He has also made recent headlines due to his relationship with girlfriend Lauren Wood, specifically their recent African safari. Below is more information on Beckham, Wood and the relationship between the two.

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1. Who is Odell Beckham Jr.'s girlfriend, Lauren "Lolo" Wood?

Lauren "Lolo" Wood was born in Texas on March 13, 1993. She's best known for her modeling work, making her television debut on the MTV series Wild 'N Out in 2015.

These days, Wood is more known for her modeling work through Instagram. With well over one million followers, she is thought of as an influencer and has worked with a variety of brands and companies, including Novex Hair Care, Fashion Nova and Hot Miami Styles.


2. It is not fully clear as to how Beckham and Wood met or when they started dating.

Beckham and Wood only made their relationship public back in November. This was done through an Instagram posting by Wood in which she said: “Happy birthday @obj ! Your soul is pure gold. U know I can write lot about you, but I rather keep passing these love letters. Ceasar home. PS this blurry will always be my fave pic of us bc wtf is going on lol yumiii af.”

Prior to that announcement, the two notably had commented on each other's Instagram photos for months leading up to that. With regard to his dating life, however, Beckham had stated in an interview that he doesn't "need to give you" information about his dating life: "You want to talk about my job, football? We can talk about that. But this is my personal life. There’s two separate lines. So I always try to keep that.”

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Changed the whole scenery 

A post shared by Lauren Wood (@lolowood_) on Feb 17, 2020 at 1:42pm PST

3. There has been no shortage of public sightings of Beckham with Wood.

While Beckham stated in the aforementioned that he prefers to keep his dating life private, he has been spotted by fans and media outlets in public with Wood on numerous occasions. In fact, this is what had led to the rumors of him being in a relationship prior to the November 2019 announcement of the two being together.


Prior to going official, Wood had reportedly met Beckham's mom, Heather Van Norman. Subsequently, Van Norman posted photos with Wood at Beckham’s football game. Wood was also spotted around then with a group of friends at an Escape Room in Strongsville, Ohio.

4. Both Beckham and Wood have dated high-profile people before they started seeing one another.

Beckham had reportedly been tied to Polyxeni Ferfeli, Amber Rose, Bella Hadid, Naveah Jolie and Khloe Kardashian. But he has been known to say that football is what he's "always loved."

Wood has been tied to James Harden, Floyd Mayweather and Eric Moreland. But Beckham has already gone out of his way to shame various people on social media who have said negative things about Wood.

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5. Both Beckham and Wood are keeping busy with work.

Beyond being an NFL star wide received, Beckham has also acted, appearing on the HBO series Ballers last year. Prior to that, he appeared on Code Block, King Bachelor's Pad and in a Nicki Minaj video. Beckham also pops up often in reality programming and awards shows, notably presenting at the 2019 ESPY Awards and winning an award at last year's edition of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.


Wood does not have an IMDb page of her own. However, she is represented by Multi Facet Inc., which handles television, film and modeling representation. As an influencer, she also posts glamorous photos to social media at least once a week on average, often with brands integrated into that content.

6. Wood and Beckham are both all over social media.

Wood is not just on Instagram these days. She also maintains official accounts on Twitter and Facebook. While does not appear to have a YouTube channel, she can be seen within original content on YouTube accounts of friends.

Beckham is not only on Instagram, but also Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However, none of these accounts include recent posts which show photos of Wood.

In turn, to keep up on the latest and greatest involving both Beckham and Wood, you may be best served to follow Wood's Instagram account.


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