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Who Is Baker Mayfield's Wife? Emily Wilkinson Mayfield Stands By Her Man Following Allegations He Cheated On Her With A Fan

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Who Is Baker Mayfield's Wife? Emily Wilkinson Mayfield Stands By Her Man Following Allegations He Cheated On Her With A Fan

Baker Mayfield's wife Emily Wilkinson has proven that she'll always support her man.

Baker Mayfield is the quarterback for the NFL's Cleveland Browns. Drafted out of Oklahoma's college football program, Mayfield was the first pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

A stand-out performer in his NFL game, Mayfield was the first player since 1961 to come off the bench in his NFL debut and throw for upwards of 200 years. He ultimately led the Browns to their fewest losses in over a decade within his rookie year.

The 2019 NFL season was also a good one for Mayfield as he started all 16 games and threw for 3,827 passing yards beyond scoring three rushing touchdowns.

Off the field, he married Emily Wilkinson in July 2019, prior to his second season in the NFL — but their relationship hasn't always been easy.

Mayfield and wife Emily Wilkinson Mayfield have faced cheating allegations by a fan. Below is more information on Mayfield, Wilkinson Mayfield, their relationship, and what's coming up for them. 

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1. Who is Baker Mayfield's wife?

Born on April 4, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska, Wilkinson Mayfield is an alumnus of the University Of Nebraska-Lincoln. Career-wise, she is an Instagram model known for posting fashion shoots and styling tips.

Prior to getting engaged to Mayfield, Wilkinson Mayfield was working full-time as a patient coordinator at a plastic surgery clinic in Los Angeles. She had also been a bartender at Barry's Bar & Grill in Lincoln, Nebraska. Rumor is that she earns hundreds of dollars per endorsed post on Instagram.

2. Mayfield and his wife did not initially click.

Mayfield and his wife were introduced in 2017 by a mutual friend. Wilkinson Mayfield apparently was not interested in "dating a punk football player" and initially "ignored Mayfield's advances."

Mayfield would go on to repeatedly follow and unfollow Wilkinson Mayfield on Instagram. In December 2017 they finally "exchanged messages" and he "begged her to meet him" prior to his final college football game for lunch. Interestingly, Wilkinson Mayfield is four years older than her husband.

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Even if people don’t want you to be, you’re always perfect in my eyes. ilysm

A post shared by Emily (Wilkinson) Mayfield (@emilywmayfield) on Feb 14, 2020 at 9:58am PST

3. Mayfield was accused of cheating on his wife by an Ohio resident named Kacie Dingess.

Dingess called into a syndicated radio show on February 21, 2020 and alleged that she had an affair with Mayfield. She claimed that she met up with Mayfield after "shooting her shot on Twitter" and that she "met him behind a Cheesecake Factory and performed oral sex on him."

Dingess has also gone on the record to note that she "decided to come forward with her story after Mayfield blocked her on Twitter," as embedded below. However, she said that their affair was based on only one in-person encounter, aside from some online messaging, from August 2019, one month after his July 2019 marriage to Wilkinson Mayfield.

4. Another woman has also come forward with similar allegations related to Mayfield.

During Dingess' radio interview, another woman called into the same show to discuss an alleged affair with Mayfield. She claimed to have given Mayfield oral sex during a December 2018 encounter.

This caller did not identify herself during the call-in. She also claimed to uncertain as to whether or not Mayfield was engaged to his now-wife at the time of this encounter.

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5. Baker Mayfield's wife recently supported her husband's decision to protest

In June 2020, Mayfield chose to kneel on the field during the National Anthem in support of the protests against racial injustice. According to the NY Post, Mayfield left a comment on Instagram responding to someone who asked him not to kneel.  

After he received backlash, the quarterback said, “I have the utmost respect for our military, cops, and people that serve OUR country. It’s about equality and everybody being treated the same because we are all human. It’s been ignored for too long and that i[s] my fault as well for not becoming more educated and staying silent.”

Mayfield's wife showed her support for her husband by reposting his comment on her own Instagram account accompanied by three hearts in his team's colors.

6. Wilkinson Mayfield is not the only Internet-famous person in her family.

Wilkinson Mayfield's brother Sammy is an actor and singer. He initially found fame through his Vine channel which had close to two million followers before Vine was discontinued.

Sammy — known professionally as Sammy Wilk — released a pop album called Ready For War in 2016 and is part of the Omaha Boys group. He has credited "part of his success" to his sister, Wilkinson Mayfield, as she had offered Sammy a place to stay in Los Angeles early into his career.

7. Wilkinson Mayfield can be found on social media.

Wilkinson Mayfield has an Instagram account on which she bills herself as "Emily (Wilkinson) Mayfield." Many of her Instagram posts include her husband. A Twitter account could not be located for her, but a semi-private Facebook account could be found.

Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, maintains official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He has also has an official website, which sells merchandise.

While time will tell as to whether these cheating allegations are legitimate and/or there is trouble related to the marriage between Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson Mayfield, you can presumably count on social media to keep you posted on the latest developments within their relationship.

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