Who Is John C. Reilly's Son? Model Leo Reilly Turning Heads For His Good Looks And Hot Photos

We've been missing out on this guy all these years?

Who Is John C. Reilly's Son? Model Leo Reilly Turning Heads For His Good Looks And Hot Photos Instagram

We're always fascinated to learn more about the children of celebrities, and now, there's one we've been seriously sleeping on. 

Lately, Stepbrothers star John C. Reilly's son, Leo, has been making headlines for his good looks, and now that we've peeked at his Instagram, we fully understand why.

So who is John C. Reilly's son? Here's everything fans need to know about Leo Reilly.

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1. John C. Reilly is a comedian and actor.

Chances are, you're already familiar with Reilly himself, even if his name isn't ringing any bells. Aside from playing WIll Ferrell's stepbrother in Stepbrothers, he is also best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy and for voicing the title character in Wreck-It Ralph (yup, he's Ralph). He's had a pretty impressive career, and now, he has an impressive son, too. 

2. Now, his son, Leo, is getting attention because people are figuring out how handsome he is.

Recently, Reilly's son, Leo, was highlighted by someone on Twitter for how different he looks from his father, and people are starting to do more investigation. After locating Leo's Instagram account, it looks like fans just can't get enough. Everyone's talking about Leo (and his mustache). He and his father may not look alike, but they definitely both have that star power quality.


3. But who is John C. Reilly's son? He's a 22-year-old model.



A post shared by Moschino (@moschino) on Jun 10, 2019 at 9:01pm PDT

Leo seems to be very interested in fashion, and he's already got a pretty impressive career going for himself. In fact, last year, he modeled for Moschino — not too shabby, right? According to his Instagram account, Leo is big on all things photography, and he's definitely his own person, so working with Moschino seems to have been the perfect fit for him.

4. He's also a musician. 

Earlier this month, Leo released his first single, "Boyfren," along with the music video on YouTube. He performs under the name LoveLeo, and the song is all about someone who should break up with their boyfriend. The lyrics are funny, and the lyric video is as well — it wouldn't be surprising if Leo had full creative control over the video as well as the song (just check out his other uploads on the site for more proof), because it's definitely unique, like him. And speaking of how unique he is... 


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5. Leo seems to have a very interesting personality. 

And not only is he into photography, but he's into editing his photos in a very original way — and usually, that method of editing is also kind of hilarious. There are photos that include multiple Leos all in one shot, as well as photos where he's added an extra eye to his face. Is it just us, or is this definitely a genius in the making?  


6. He has big goals for the future. 

While Leo studied fashion design at FIDM, he shared his goals in an interview with the school, and it sounds like he has a big vision for his future.

"I want to have my music career and fashion career go hand in hand," he said. "FIDM is helping me learn about every aspect of being a fashion designer so that I can have a solid understanding of what needs to happen every step of the way. I also want to have a space where people can do concerts, runway shows, pop up shops, really whatever they want — I just want to be able to facilitate a space for people to showcase what they are passionate about." 

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