Are Tiffany Haddish And Common Dating? Rumors Reignite After They're Spotted Looking Cozy At NBA All-Star Game

A new power couple?

Are Tiffany Haddish And Common Dating? Rumors Reignite After They're Spotted Looking Cozy At NBA All-Star Game Getty Images

Are Tiffany Haddish and Common dating? When word got out that R&B superstar and heartthrob Common had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Angela Rye, the Internet was aflutter with speculation about who, possibly, could take his former love's place.

They soon got their answer when rumors began circulating that he'd possibly taken up with actress, comedienne, and television host Tiffany Haddish.


The "Soul By The Pound" singer was first spotted at Haddish's "Black Mitzvah" party to celebrate her 40th birthday in December 2019 (Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, and Wanda Sykes were also in attendance during her star-studded bash).

And, just one week later, rumors of their potential love affair began bubbling up from the underground. The rumors have now continued into the new year, especially when the rapper and Haddish were recently spotted together at the NBA All-Star game in Chicago. 

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So, are Tiffany Haddish and Common dating, or are they just really close friends? Let's look at what we know about their relationship. 

1. Rumors began swirling in December 2018. 

The rumors about Haddish and Common dating first began circulating in December of 2018, when they were filming The Kitchen. Then, in June of 2019, when The Kitchen had already dropped, the duo once again started looking very friendly and the rumors about their dating status began anew.

2. Common had been on-again, off-again with Angela Rye for a while. 

For those unfamiliar, Angela Rye is a political pundit who shares her ruminations on politics for places like CNN and NPR. She's also an attorney and the CEO of IMPACT Strategies. So, she's a very accomplished woman — and that's a sentiment that Common, himself, has shared in the past.

Their relationship began in 2017, when the duo appeared on the Creative Arts Emmys red carpet together. But then, in 2018, they called it quits. Then, in August 2019, they got back together.


Fast-forward to October 2019, when Rye started appearing on red carpets solo again, and the pair was speculated to be "off-again." Now, in December 2019, rumors of Haddish and Common dating began swirling.

3. Haddish has been a bit unlucky in love. 

Haddish hasn't been able to find her one true love. For a time, there was some speculation that she and the rapper Chingy had a "fling," which is a claim that Chingy questioned. But prior to the various rumors about her dating Common began popping up, Haddish was already married.

She married William Stewart not once, but twice. She filed for divorce from him in 2011, and then again in 2013. She detailed her interesting relationship with her on-again, off-again husband in The Last Black Unicorn, her memoir. 

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4. Wendy Williams approves of Haddish and Common dating. 

As it turns out, Wendy Williams and Haddish are friends, and shortly after the rapper was seen at Haddish's Black Mitzvah in December 2019, Williams spent a portion of her Hot Topics segment urging Haddish and Common to start dating.

Williams said that Haddish thought Common was "smart, and delicious to look at" (yes, yes he is), and if her opinion had any weight, she felt that Haddish and Common should start dating, because they'd make a cute couple. 

5. The couple made it Instagram official — sort of. 

In a photo posted on Haddish's official Instagram in December 2019, she called Common her "MCM" (Man Crush Monday).


However, the duo was in a photo with the legendary singer Harry Belafonte, and Haddish couldn't resist making a joke about Common blocking her chance "to hook up with a legend" (meaning Belafonte).

6. Neither Common nor Haddish officially confirmed their dating status. 

Despite all of this, neither Haddish nor Common had actually confirmed that they were dating (or, not dating). It was all just speculation.


7. So ... are Common and Tiffany Haddish dating?

Rumors may have died down for a little while, but recently have reappeared again. Haddish and the rapper were seen together at a 2020 NBA All-Star game in Chicago. They were captured in a photo sitting together on the sideline and taking in the game.

Of course, comments started pouring in about the pair's alleged romance. Some thought they looked "boo'd up." One fan even commented, "I see Common over there making Tiffany Haddish giggle. They gone do the Wild Thang later." There are also rumors that Haddish spent the holidays with the rapper in Hawaii. 

However, there's still been no confirmation from either of them, so fans will have to continue to wait for the official word on whether or not they'll become the next celebrity power couple. 

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