Who Is DJ Drama's Side Chick? Hip Hop DJ's Longtime Girlfriend Debakii Allegedly Beats Up Side Piece Vanessa Chantal

Yikes! Another messy situation.

Who Is DJ Drama's Side Chick? Hip Hop DJ's Longtime Girlfriend Debakii Allegedly Beats Up Side Piece Vanessa Chantal Getty Images

With a resume in hip hop that spans several years, and work that includes collaborations with some of the most impressive artists in the genre — including with T.I., Nelly, and Young Jeezy — DJ Drama's name is one that rings bells throughout the rap world. 

But DJ Drama isn't just popular with the fans of rap music — he's also popular with the ladies. 

He's so popular with women, in fact, that he has two women fighting over him — literally: his longtime girlfriend, and his longtime side piece.


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So, who is DJ Drama's side chick, and what happened when his longtime girlfriend found out about her? Let's look at what we know about this messy situation. 


1. Who is DJ Drama's side chick? She's a woman who goes by the name of Vanessa Chantal.

According to her Instagram page, Chantal is a sometime model who has appeared in various hip hop music videos, including one for Moneybagg Yo, Megan Thee Stallion's former flame. She has about 30,000 followers on her Instagram page, and frequently posts photos from her room, where she models various pieces from FashionNova. 



A post shared by Vanessa Chantal (@vchantalxoxo) on Feb 6, 2020 at 7:31am PST

2. Chantal claims she'd been seeing DJ Drama for about a month. 

Chantal said that she'd been seeing DJ Drama for about a month. According to her, he'd been broken up with his longtime girlfriend — a woman named Debakii — which is why they spent Valentine's Day together. She also went to The Shade Room to provide receipts for all her claims — we'll get to all that in a minute. 



A post shared by (@debakii) on Feb 7, 2020 at 3:20pm PST

3. Things got heated when she realized DJ Drama was lying about being broken up with Debakii. 

Shortly after Valentine's Day, Chantal allegedly tried to FaceTime DJ Drama — and his girlfriend answered the phone. The two women got into a very heated exchange, and it ended with Debakii and Chantal getting into a physical altercation. Debakii took to her Instagram stories which have since been deleted, to share that she just stopped short of "smashing Chantal's head into the concrete," but seemed pleased that she was able to successfully kick her in the head. Chantal walked away with some serious bruises, as well. 

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4. Chantal thinks DJ Drama 'set her up.'

Chantal claimedthe reason Debakii was able to beat her up was because of DJ Drama. Drama, allegedly, told Chantal that he wanted to see her in person to apologize to her. But when she got to his house, she was confronted by Debakii, and that's what got her beat up. 

Check out all the receipts — both Chantal's and Debakii's — below. 

5. Chantal then took to her stories to claim that Drama was 'sorry' about everything. 

After the altercation, Chantal posted a screenshot of texts between herself and DJ Drama. In the texts, she told Drama that she "forgives him," and that she had no intention of suing either him or his longtime girlfriend. Drama, in response, said that he was "sorry" for all the pain he'd caused her and his longtime girlfriend as well and that he was apologetic for his role in the situation. Based on the texts, too, it doesn't look like Chantal will be taking him back. 


6. But Debakii is done with DJ Drama, too. 

In response to Chantal posting her screenshot of texts from DJ Drama, Debakii took to her own Instagram page to post her receipts, as well. According to her screenshots, Drama tried to text her to apologize to her and she dismissed him with a "take care." He tried, again, to tell her that he was "sorry," and he knew she wasn't going to take him back, but she posted that she was "single" in her Instagram stories in response. 

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