150 Awesome Unisex, Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Aren't Overused

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gender neutral baby names

It’s 2018 and names, they are a changin’. Gone are the days of Polly and Johns. We have more Apples falling from family trees now than we know what to do with.

With the new generation of the self-aware and the unique snowflakes comes a wave of parents who want their child’s name to be gender neutral, special and original. Here are 150 gender neutral baby names that you can give or burden your child with for the rest of their neutral life.

1. Aad

Origin: Indian

Meaning: “In the beginning”

2. Aatiq

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Liberated, free, independent

3. Abril

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Open

4. Ace

Origin: Lati

Meaning: One, one unit

5. Addler

Origin: German

Meaning: An eagle or a person with the quality of an eagle

6. Akito

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: A bright person who is like the season Autumn

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7. Alpha

Origin: United States

Meaning: An excellent first born child with leadership qualities

8. Amabilis

Origin: Roman

Meaning: A beautiful and loving person who is spontaneous and happy-go-lucky

9. Bailey

Origin: English

Meaning: An administer or manager, a God or goddess

10. Banks

Origin: English

Meaning: Edge of the river

11. Branxton

Origin: English

Meaning: The town of Bracca

12. Cairo

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is victorious

13. Caru

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A very lovely person

14. Challen

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Shining moon

15. Charlot

Origin: Old German

Meaning: Born royalty who gives orders and is prosperous

16. Clemmy

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Gentle, mild, soft, tender, merciful and pleasant

17. Concord

Origin: Middle English

Meaning: Calm peace, tranquil and nonviolent, still and quiet

18. Cooper

Origin: English

Meaning: Maker of wooden objects like barrels and basins

19. Dale

Origin: English

Meaning: Belonging to a person

20. Darryl

Origin: English

Meaning: A beloved talented person

21. Dayan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A judge or peacemaker who finds joy in all things

22. Deor

Origin: French

Meaning: A beloved baby, a golden child

23. Doiminic

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Belonging to God, Lordly

24. Earley

Origin: English

Meaning: Eagle wood

25. Edid

Origin: German

Meaning: One who has a habit of being joyful

26. Elian

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A passionate and loving human being

27. Ellery

Origin: Greek

Meaning: One who came from Demeter; an Earth lover and caretaker

28. Embry

Origin: English, Canadian

Meaning: A person who is good at winning people’s hearts and as a result, enters their hearts and homes. Well-loved

29. Esclamor

Origin: English, Arthurian

Meaning: Someone who attracted towards nature

30. Farin

Origin: English

Meaning: An adventurous person

31. Fenmore

Origin: English

Meaning: A very dear one, beloved

32. Florenz

Origin: French

Meaning: Blossoming of a flower

33. Flynn

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Descendent of “the red-haired ones”

34. Gavin

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: A little white falcon

35. Gold

Origin: English

Meaning: Precious metal, one who is precious to family and friends

36. Gray

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is very intelligent

37. Gusten

Origin: Swedish

Meaning: Concurred a lot of admiration, as a result of age, character and intelligence

38. Handley

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Clearing in the woods

39. Hannan

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Warm feeling, happiness

40. Herley

Origin: Anglo Saxon

Meaning: Individuality, self-confidence, independent

41. Hutton

Origin: English

Meaning: A knowledgeable person

42. Imen

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Faith or belief

43. Jaedyn

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is judged by God and will be thankful

44. Jaycee

Origin: Greek

Meaning: One who can heal

45. Jaydin

Origin: United States

Meaning: One who is thankful to God

46. Jaylin

Origin: United States

Meaning: Jay Bird, pretty blue color

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47. Jean

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is gracious; name of one of the Apostles in the Bible

48. Jedda

Origin: English

Meaning: Precious black shiny stone

49. Jerah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Resembles the light of a shining moon

50. Jessy

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Of great wealth

51. Jinan

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A person with ideas, limitless. Explorer of new things

52. Jinny

Origin: English

Meaning: White wave. Dynamic in nature with strong personality. Love to help others

53. Jonay

Origin: United States

Meaning: Noble, kind. Loves to help others

54. Jordaan

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Refreshing personality. Cherishes memories. Shepherd, horseman

55. Jules

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Calm, simple and easy to understand

56. Kaleo

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: The voice

57. Kanga

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Black bird or raven

58. Keagan

Origin: Irish

Meaning: From the fire

59. Khursh

Origin: Indian

Meaning: The sun is shining

60. Kiley

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Graceful

61. Kinlee

Origin: English

Meaning: White warrior

62. Kory

Origin: United States

Meaning: Hollow

63. Kuram

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: One who honors the others

64. Kyo

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Village, unite

65. Laken

Origin: United States

Meaning: From the lake

66. Lamb

Origin: English

Meaning: One with young mind

67. Laris

Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: To be crowned

68. Lavey

Origin: English

Meaning: Union of two people

69. Lawren

Origin: English

Meaning: Shoreline of a bay

70. Leighton

Origin: English

Meaning: One who came from a town near a meadow

71. Lexington

Origin: English

Meaning: Town of the new law

72. Liddell

Origin: English

Meaning: A place named from a town in England

73. Lilo

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A person generous and giving

74. Lively

Origin: English

Meaning: Energetic dynamic person

75. Loe

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Hardworking

76. Loman

Origin: English

Meaning: An empty space

77. Lovice

Origin: English

Meaning: A person in love

78. Lynde

Origin: English

Meaning: Lovely

79. Manasi

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Peaceful mind

80. Manat

Origin: Indian

Meaning: One who believes in fate

81. Mapperley

Origin: English

Meaning: A place in Nottingham, England

82. Marshal

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Radiates light

83. Maylin

Origin: English

Meaning: Beautiful waterfall

84. Mecca

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Spiritual center of Islam

85. Mel

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is fearless

86. Minor

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Little one

87. Monroe

Origin: Irish

Meaning: From the river

88. Morgan

Origin: English

Meaning: One who lives by the sea

89. Moss

Origin: English

Meaning: Of the land

90. Neely

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Great champion

91. Noah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Harmony

92. Noor

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: The great star

93. Nox

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dark night

94. Oakley

Origin: English

Meaning: Charming light

95. Okal

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Victory of the people

96. Omont

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Belongs to the mountains

97. Paiton

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is a warrior

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98. Paley

Origin: English

Meaning: Light eyes

99. Parrish

Origin: French

Meaning: Loyal

100. Patrice

Origin: French

Meaning: Clear sighted

101. Paxton

Origin: English

Meaning: Settlement

102. Perl

Origin: English

Meaning: Dynamic person

103. Port

Origin: English

Meaning: One who lives near the harbor

104. Pre

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Rare

105. Rain

Origin: English

Meaning: Blessings from above

106. Raven

Origin: Norse

Meaning: Black bird

107. Reign

Origin: English

Meaning: To rule over people

108. Remy

Origin: French

Meaning: To cure and heal others

109. Reyes

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Royalty

110. Samin

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Self-disciplined

111. Sani

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: A gift

112. Saylor

Origin: English

Meaning: A sailor

113. Shady

Origin: English

Meaning: A person who sings

114. Shae

Origin: English

Meaning: Honorable, from fairy fortress

115. Shantell

Origin: French

Meaning: From stony place

116. Sharnaz

Origin: Pakistan

Meaning: Of the king

117. Shavon

Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: One who is open-minded

118. Shane

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is gracious

119. Shelby

Origin: English

Meaning: From the willows

120. Sio

Origin: English

Meaning: Charming

121. Sky

Origin: English

Meaning: Sky

122. Sparrow

Origin: English

Meaning: One who is like a bird, sparrow

123. Starlin

Origin: English

Meaning: One like a star

124. Sunny

Origin: English

Meaning: When the sun comes out

125. Sydney

Origin: English

Meaning: Of the wide meadow

126. Taaj

Origin: Indian

Meaning: One who is crowned

127. Taban

Origin: Mongolian

Meaning: Splendid and glittery

128. Taitt

Origin: English

Meaning: One who brings happiness 

129. Tanji

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: To cry

130. Taffy

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Favorite

131. Taman

Origin: Indonesian

Meaning: Like a garden

132. Teaghan

Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Little poet

133. Tene

Origin: African

Meaning: Love

134. Terrance

Origin: English

Meaning: Smooth

135. Thea

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of God

136. Tide

Origin: English

Meaning: The elevation of knowledge

137. Tonna

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Settlement

138. Vesper

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Evening star of prayer

139. Win

Origin: Burmese

Meaning: Bright

140. Wodeleah

Origin: Romanian

Meaning: One from the wooded meadow

141. Xanadu

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: Dynasty

142. Xoese

Origin: Ghana

Meaning: Believe

143. Yenien

Origin: Argentina

Meaning: To bring along

144. Yuka

Origin: Inuit

Meaning: A bright star

145. Yura

Origin: Inuit

Meaning: Beautiful

146. Zahari

Origin: Bulgarian

Meaning: God has remembered

147. Zane

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God’s gracious gift

148. Zayde

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Fortunate

149. Zeal

Origin: English

Meaning: Passionate

150. Zenith

Origin: English

Meaning: From the highest point

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