32 Royalty-Inspired Baby Names For Your New Son Or Daughter

Need some royal inspo?

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By Claire Linic

Prince William and Kate Middleton became a family of five on April 23 when they welcomed a healthy baby boy, Prince Louis. The joyous occasion has the world celebrating and probably also feeling a little baby fever.

Royal babies are often given a name that pays homage to their predecessors. Though this tradition has relaxed over the years, it hasn't relaxed that much. So, if you're looking to add a little royalty to your own baby's name, we've created a list of traditional British royal names to guide you. Enjoy!


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1. Maude
2. Alexandra
3. Margaret
4. Elizabeth
5. Victoria
6. Sibylla
7. Beatrice
8. Helena
9. Augusta
10. Mary
11. Amelia
12. Anne
13. Eugenie
14. Louise
15. Alice

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16. Harry
17. Charles
18. Richard
19. Philip
20. Christian
21. Victor
22. Albert
23. Leopold
24. Arthur
25. Alfred
26. Henry
27. Augustus
28. Ernest
29. Frederick
30. Edward
31. George
32. Louis


You may recognize a few of these names if you've been keeping up with The Crown, though it's difficult to say if that will make you more or less likely to gravitate towards the name Margaret.

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