Who Is Slick Woods? Fenty Model Reveals She's Had Two Seizures Over The Past Month — Is She Ok?

She's dealing with some serious health problems.

Who Is Slick Woods? Fenty Model Reveals She's Had Two Seizures Over The Past Month — Is She Ok? Getty Images 

This model has been dealing with some seriously scary health issues, and it sounds like it's making her make some major changes in her life. 

This week, model Slick Woods (real name: Simone Thompson) opened up about multiple seizures she's suffered so far over the course of a month, and why she's now considering changing her diet for her health.

But who is Slick Woods? Here's everything you need to know about her and what she's going through.


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1. Slick Woods revealed that she recently had another seizure.



A post shared by @slickwoods on Feb 18, 2020 at 4:26pm PST

Earlier this week, Slick shared a photo of herself on Instagram, letting fans know that she had injured herself while having another seizure — her second in the past month. "Man another seizure f*ck the bulls*it I’m going vegan," she wrote. 


In January, she shared a video from her hospital bed on Instagram, saying that she'd suffered an unexpected seizure in the middle of the night. 

2. She also shared that she's been diagnosed with stage three melanoma. 

Although she'd mentioned that she was going through chemotherapy previously, while talking to The Shade Room in November, she confirmed that she was "fighting for her life" as she battled stage three melanoma and that her cancer was spreading. So far, Woods hasn't shared many other details about her condition, but fans are definitely concerned for her after she's had two seizures so close together. 

3. But who is Slick Woods? She has modeled for Fenty and Marc Jacobs.



A post shared by @slickwoods on Feb 17, 2020 at 10:43am PST

Woods originally started building her fan base on Instagram and over the past three years, her modeling career has exploded. Known for her unique look, Woods has modeled for Fenty and Marc Jacobs, and her first runway show was for Kanye West's Yeezy line. She frequently shares her modeling shots on Instagram, where she has almost 1 million followers.


4. She welcomed her first child in 2018. 

Woods, who is now 23, welcomed her son into the world in September 2018. Woods revealed that she went into labor as she was walking in Rihanna's Fenty x Savage show, immediately heading to the hospital where her son was born 14 hours later. She named the baby Saphir Adonis Bosso, and he often makes appearances on her Instagram as this proud mom shows off how much he's grown. She and Saphir's father, fellow model Adonis Bosso, have since split.

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5. Rihanna discovered her on Instagram. 

In a 2018 interview, Woods shared that Rihanna was the one who discovered her, helping her to kick off her modeling career.

"[Rihanna] saw a photo of me on Instagram, found me, and we hit it off," she said. "You ever loved someone so much that every time you see them, you end up in tears somehow? She reminds me of my mother. Like, they’re the same person. I tell them they remind me of each other all the time." 


6. She likes being different. 

In another interview in 2018, Woods acknowledged that while her look is different, she'd rather be known for being herself instead of what someone's idea of a model might be.

"Even if being different is a fad, that's good. It's better than being fake being a fad. I'd rather real be a fad, then people pretending to be fake-real than being fake-fake, 'cause you're a step closer to real when you're being fake-real," she said at the time. "You just gotta fake it until you make it — some people gotta do that, especially in LA I learned that. People fake it until they make it all day." 

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