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Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Is Reportedly Engaged — Meet His Alleged Fiancé Nicole Watson

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Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Is Reportedly Engaged — Meet His Alleged Fiancé Nicole Watson

Instagram snitching at its finest! When rumors started circulating that pop superstar Rihanna and her longtime boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, had called it quits, fans were wondering if the pop songstress would ever find love again. After all, it seemed like Rihanna and Jameel would be together forever — they certainly invested a lot of time and a lot of years, into one another.

But not long after it was announced that the duo was no more, Rihanna was seen out and about with two former flames: A$AP Rocky and Drake.

Now, though, it seems like Jameel has found himself a new lady love, as well — and has even gone so far, reportedly, as to get engaged to her!

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So who is Hassan Jameel's fiancé, Nicole Watson? Let's look at what we know about her.

1. Who is Hassan Jameel's fiancé? Her name is reportedly Nicole Watson. ​

According to her Instagram page, Nicole Watson is an entrepreneur and the founder of Econic Earth, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate young people about living a sustainable life off the grid.

Watson also says that Econic Earth is dedicated to the environment, and to sustainable living overall. 


A post shared by Nicole Watson (@_nicolewatson_) on Jan 30, 2020 at 12:39pm PST

2. She was tagged, along with Jameel, in a series of Instagram posts that insinuated they were engaged. 

While it's unclear who, exactly, the posts came from — as, shortly after they were posted, they were deleted — there were a series of posts that tagged both Watson and Jameel that featured a very festive party that on the surface seemed to be an engagement party.

There was everything from a cake that said "Mr. & Mrs." to a series of decorations and a "She Said Yes!" banner.

3. The "Rihanna Navy" began attacking Watson.

It didn't take long for the so-called "Rihanna Navy" — the devout fanbase dedicated to the "Disturbia" singer — to descend on Watson's Instagram page and leave nasty comments.

You can see some of them in the comments section in the post above, but they range from the obnoxious ("unseasoned chicken") to the downright cruel ("Hassan downgraded!"). 

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4. Fans may have thought Rihanna and Jameel were getting engaged. 

Just one month before it was announced that Rihanna and Jameel called it quits, rumors began circulating that the pair were set to walk down the aisle. 

“All her friends think Hassan will pop the question on New Year’s Eve. Rihanna is so chill that she’s not sweating it, she jokes that she may say no. Of course, she won’t, but she loves messing with him,” said a source close to the couple at the time.

5. Watson immediately shut down the rumors of her engagement to Jameel.

Almost as soon as the so-called "Rihanna Navy" began descending on Watson's Instagram, Watson took to her Instagram stories to immediately lambast the fans for attacking her.

"Wow. Being accused of breaking up the relationship of, and getting engaged to, someone I have never met is pretty extreme. Do not believe everything you read on some weird post. #fakenews," she said.

6. Jameel hasn't commented on the brouhaha.

As of this writing, neither Jameel nor Rihanna have commented on the brouhaha involving Watson. However, we will definitely keep you posted on any developments and changes — though it's highly unlikely that Rihanna will comment on this.

It just goes to show that you can't believe everything you read on Instagram.

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