Is Lil Pump Gay? Rapper Sparks Rumors About His Sexuality After Posting Photo In A Sports Bra

Commenters went wild.

Is Lil Pump Gay? Rapper Sparks Rumors About His Sexuality After Posting Photo In A Sports Bra Getty Images

Though the name "Gazzy Garcia" doesn't mean anything to most people who are fans of hip hop, Garcia's stage name — Lil Pump — is one that rings countless bells for Gen Z fans of rap music. Though he's adopted a persona that's addicted to drugs — where he's often seen taking drugs, drinking to excess, and popping pills — there's some question as to whether this is a real persona. Regardless of whether it's a stunt or the real deal, however, Lil Pump knows how to generate headlines.


This time, however, he's generated headlines thanks to a recent Instagram post, leading commenters to speculate: is Lil Pump gay?

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Let's look at what we know about this interesting rumor. 


1. Is Lil Pump gay? Rumors began after he posted a photo wearing a sports bra. 

A few days ago, Lil Pump took to his Instagram to post a photo of himself wearing a sports bra. He made clear, in the caption of the photo, that it was a sports bra that was left behind by one of his "thots" and invited the ower of the bra to come and get it. The photo has since been deleted from his Instagram, but another account took a screenshot of it, and you can check out the photo below. 



A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Feb 17, 2020 at 1:28pm PST

2. The posting heralded many ribald comments from his followers. 

It didn't take long for his fans to wonder what, exactly, Lil Pump was trying to suggest when he sported the sports bra. One commenter said on the original post that Lil Pump's phone case — which was bedazzled and purple — suggested that he was trying to "come out of the closet." Another commented, "Are u coming out of nah because the eyebrows, phone & pose is throwing me off." This seemed to be the prevalent sentiment amongst his fanbase, who thought the rapper was trying to imply that he was gay.


3. Just one day before making that post, Lil Pump said he was "quitting music."

Just one day before posting the photo of him wearing a sports bra, Lil Pump took to his Instagram stories to announce that he was quitting music. "I'm done doing music, I quit," he wrote on his story. At that point, though Lil Pump had been performing live in a few different places, he hadn't released any new music since 2019 when he dropped Harverd Dropout

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4. His retirement lasted for one day. 

The day after he announced that he was retiring from music, Lil Pump went back on Instagram to post that he was, indeed, releasing new music "for his Latinos." In the video announcement he also proclaimed that he was the "hottest rapper alive," and you can check out the video announcement — along with a preview clip of the song, "Contacto" — below. 

5. Lil Pump has made homophobic comments in the past. 

In an interview he conducted shortly after Harverd Dropout was released, Lil Pump — who said that he wanted to be "18 forever" — made a homophobic comment in reference to a sexual act performed on him by adult film star Riley Reed. Though we obviously can't reprint it here, it's sufficient to say that he inferred that he enjoys said sexual act once that it was performed on him by one of the top stars on an adult film website. 


6. Lil Pump has not responded to rumors of his sexuality.

As of this writing, Lil Pump has not responded to the rumors about his sexuality. However, he has deleted the photo in question from his Instagram. We will keep you posted, of course, if he does make a comment about the deleted post or his sexuality in the near future. 

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