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What Is "Unplanned" About — Movie Review

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What Is "Unplanned" About — Movie Review

If you're looking for a controversial film to watch, "Unplanned" may be on your list. This Christian movie is based on a true story.

What is the Christian movie "Unplanned" about?

"Unplanned" tells the story of Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher) and why she went from a Planned Parenthood employee to a Coalition for Life group advocate.

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Who is the target audience for the Christian movie, "Unplanned"?

To provide an honest movie review, it's important to note who this movie's target audience is, in case your personal views on abortion are pro-choice.

Anti-abortion groups have surfaced the media for decades. Right-wing, conservative politicians have made no qualms about how they feel regarding the pro-choice movement.

The film "Unplanned," comes from a strong pro-life position, and pro-choicers can anticipate propaganda to reveal firsthand accounts of a Planned Parenthood staff member into an anti-abortion activist.

The Christian movie, "Unplanned" is based on a true story.

Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher) was the lead director at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas.

As stated in the movie, Johnson was called in to help with an abortion procedure, (which had been the first time she’d done so in the eight years she was working there). This detail is pertinent to the arc of the rest of Johnson’s story.

After the procedure was over, the film states that Johnson knew from there on out she would never want to witness something like that again.

So, she joined the Coalition for Life group.

Movie Review for the Christian film, "Unplanned"

I think it is important for any screenwriter and director to be careful in involving too much of their opinion on a subject such as this one.

The facts and statistics should be true, and not favor onto one side. Well, this film missed its mark in doing so.

Johnson is a bubbly, all-around American Christian who protects and loves all living things.

But when we are introduced to her boss, Cheryl (Robia Scott), it is evident who the evil villain is.

Cheryl is portrayed as the antagonist who just wants to make a quick dollar for every abortion that's performed at the clinic.

In a scene where the two are engaging in conversation, Johnson asks why the clinic is trying to double the number of abortions they perform annually — which by the way is not how clinics operate according to reports from Planned Parenthood regarding their revenues.

Cheryl then snarls and compares their earnings to fast-food restaurants stating, "Abortion is our fries and sodas. Abortion is what pays our salaries."

I cannot speak on behalf of any Planned Parenthood worker, but I do not believe for a second that these workers treat their patients (abortion or not) as a cash-cow.

To depict these workers in a villainous way was a very bad move in the direction of the film.

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The inconclusive facts that are falsely represented in this film come to light again when Johnson is helping a family friend's young daughter terminate her pregnancy.

During the procedure, the performing doctor mistakenly makes a grave mistake, which causes her to pass out due to heavy bleeding.

When Johnson sees this happening, she immediately rushes over and asks if she should call an ambulance.

"No, we never do that," says the doctor.

This scene shows that anything can happen when these operations are performed.

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While this is true in many cases, the viewers would not know that only 0.5 percent of these procedures will result in major complications during a first-trimester abortion. And why would they know that important information?

The film was designed to show Planned Parenthood as the evil dictator of society.

The film also touches briefly on the death of George Tiller, a doctor who was shot by anti-abortion activists.

Here's the issue with including this story: groups of people who are so heavily influenced by their following/followers might go to extreme lengths and cause chaos in areas that are supposed to be safe spaces for many women.

Although the narrative might have not been to promote this sort of violence, there are so many people who would become influenced by this film to act on their anger and views.

Whether the story Unplanned was true or not, this film will not draw attention to those who are pro-choice, in fact, it will offend.

Even if the film was catered to both sides, it would not make much of a difference in the opinions and reviews.

This is a real-life story that happens every single day without us knowing.

Portraying a facility that tries to ensure the safety of young women as the bad guy was a low-blow.

If you are interested in watching this film, prepare for the first opening moments to be a not so comfortable scene to sit through.

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