Who Is Da Brat's Fiancé? Meet Jesseca Dupart AKA BB Judy

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Who Is Da Brat's Fiancé? Meet Jesseca Dupart AKA BB Judy Getty Images

2020 is definitely turning out to be the year where Instagram celebrities are winning! After her recent appearance at a parade, a popular Instagram model revealed that she was engaged to be married. And, thanks to who appeared in the float with her, this same Instagram model was revealed to be in a "secret" relationship with Da Brat, one of the pioneers of women in hip hop!

While most people already know who Da Brat is (because, legend), there aren't that many people who know a whole lot about her new boo. 


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So, who is Da Brat's fiancé? Let's look at what we know about Jesseca Dupart, AKA BB Judy.

Who is Da Brat's fiancé? Jesseca Dupart AKA BB Judy is an Instagram model and entrepreneur. 


Jesseca Dupart, AKA BB Judy, got her start in the industry as a hairstylist. She, eventually, grew her own company — Kaleidoscope hair care — into a multi-million-dollar business by leveraging the power of her sizable social media following. She also made connections with other social media influencers, which also helped further her brand. In addition to being an entrepreneur, BB Judy also does modeling on her Instagram page from time to time. 

BB Judy credits fellow Instagram influencer Supa Cent with helping push her career. 


"I opened my [beauty] shop in August of 2013, and by December 15 of 2013, I had a total loss. I lost every single [thing]. And for the people working for me, I felt this huge responsibility as a leader, to have to find somewhere for us to go, and replace everything," she said. "From there, I really grinded my tail off. I tried to get us product, I tried to get us equipment. So then when I was blessed enough to save up enough to put us back in the shop, I launched my Kaleidoscope hair products. From there, I learned about social media marketing and in the midst of social media marketing, I ended up [linking up] with Supa."



A post shared by Wuzzam Supa (@supa_cent) on May 18, 2019 at 1:54pm PDT

It's unclear where Da Brat and BB Judy met. 


Based on an Instagram photo shared by BB Judy not long ago, which you can see above, it's pretty clear that the duo look, at the very least, comfortable with one another. However, it's unclear when the duo met, or how long they've been together. 

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BB Judy shared a photo of her engagement ring on Instagram. 

The single mom of three children recently took to her Instagram page to share a photo of both her fabulous manicure and her killer engagement ring. "I said “YES." LOVE has always been a BIG part of my life. And this one thing I am CERTAIN about ...... there’s been no other LOVE like this. There’s been nothing that’s been so SURE for me. LOVE IS IN THE AIR," she wrote.


Speculation started emerging that BB Judy got the ring from Da Brat. 

While Da Brat hasn't confirmed, or denied, any speculation about her engagement, speculation amongst the hip hop blog-osphere suggested that BB Judy was her new boo. And, it didn't take long for the information to spread like wildfire. 

But BB Judy wasn't happy about the speculation. 

Not long after rumors about Da Brat's engagement to BB Judy began spreading like wildfire, BB Judy took to her Instagram page to address them directly. "I'm tired of people trying to tell my story," she said. "Only I can do that. [I] spill MY OWN TEA. This is my life." 

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Da Brat made it "officially official." After weeks of speculation, Da Brat made her relationship with BB Judy "officially official" with an emotional Instagram post where she gifted the entrepreneur with a beautiful white Bentley and called her "my twin flame."

So, congratulations are now officially official in order for the two!


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