Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley Are Reportedly Back Together — And We're Here For It

Is it possible?

Are Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley Back Together? New Details On The Rumored Rekindled Relationship Of The Former Flames Getty Images

Many years ago, when the Internet was a new and wonderful place, and Twitter wasn't a cesspool of Nazis and negativity, a new power couple emerged — seemingly out of nowhere. Lisa Marie Presley — sole daughter of the legendary Elvis — and Nicolas Cage, he of the Coppola family of actors and producers, formed a more perfect union for what would, ultimately, only last for 108 days. 

It had all the right ingredients, of course: famous daughter, famous actor, talent out the proverbial butt, and all the gossip headlines one could ever dream of having. (Is there such a thing as dreaming about gossip headlines?)


But for whatever reason (no, really, there are several), it just couldn't seem to last. 

Now, however, new reports suggests that the couple may be giving things another go. And it couldn't come at a better time, considering they've both hit the skids, personally speaking.

But are Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley back together?

Here's what we know about this are-they-or-aren't they couple.


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1. They've each been married four times. 

According to The Inquisitr, Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley have each been married four times. In addition to Cage, Presley has wed Danny Keough (with whom she has two children), Michael Lockwood (with whom she also has two children) and Michael Jackson (with whom she has no children). And, in addition to Presley, Cage has been married to Patricia Arquette, Alice Kim, and Erica Koike. Cage, himself, has two sons: Weston Coppola Cage and Kal-El Coppola Cage. 

2. Nicolas Cage doesn't consider himself a "tough guy."

"I never felt like I was a tough guy. I remember I went home and put on my brother’s cowboy boots, put some gum in my mouth, put some sunglasses on, got on the bus, and said, “I’m Nicky’s cousin, and if you mess with him again I’m gonna kick your ass.” They really believed it, and they never touched me again after that.” I think the fact that I was able to convince somebody that I could be tough, even though I wasn’t, made me feel that I could act," he told Interview Magazine.

3. He made the first move.

According to Y98, it was Nicolas Cage who first reached out to Lisa Marie Presley. It's unclear what caused him to reach out, or why, but what is clear is that they began talking from that first bit of outreach. 


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4. There's some suggestion that Lisa Marie Presley never got over her feelings for Nicolas Cage. 

"Now Cage has found comfort again with his old flame. “There’s a lot of talk that they’ve rediscovered a new, intense connection,” said the source, adding that a formal reunion “is just a matter of time," reported Canoe Magazine


5. Nicolas Cage has a whole new look. 

According to Hollywood Life, if Lisa Marie Presley is looking to re-connect with her old flame, she may have to get used to the fact that he's not the man he used to be. The outlet reports that Cage is "unrecognizable" after growing a bushy beard. The outlet also reports that he was walking down the red carpet with a "mystery woman," who clearly isn't Lisa Marie Presley, so it should be interesting to see if indeed he and his ex have indeed reconnected. 

6. Are Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley back together? 

Though the couple hasn't returned requests for comment, a source tells Pop Culture that "they talk a lot and have rediscovered their feelings for each other. It all started when Nic reached out to her in early summer. Since then, they've been on the phone non-stop and have even met up for dates!" But of course, only time will tell! 


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