Who Is Vickie Park? 4 Disturbing Details About Her Abuse Allegations Against Nicolas Cage

She's made allegations against both Nic Cage and his ex-wife.

Who Is Vickie Park? 4 Disturbing Details About Her Abuse Allegations Against Nicolas Cage And Alice Kim getty

Who is Vickie Park? The woman who claims to be Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend has come forward with disturbing allegations against Cage and his ex-wife, Alice Kim.

Since his separation from Park, Cage’s dating life has remained on the down-low. The actor stays off social media, making it rather hard to keep up with his offscreen life compared to other celebrities. In May 2018, it was reported that he was seeing a woman named Erika Koike. Now, however, a woman who claims to have dated Cage since 2017 says the actor abused her in September 2018.


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Here’s what we know about Park’s allegations.

1. Cage and Park have been dating since June 2017

According to The Blast, who first obtained court documents regarding Park’s allegations, the two have been dating “on and off” since June 2017. However, there appears to be no evidence that the two were ever together. While Cage has been photographed around other women, there are no photos of Park and Cage together.


2. Park claims Cage abused her

The Blast reported that cage allegedly abused Park after a film festival in September 2018. According to Park, the actor was “severely intoxicated at the time.” Court documents claim Park attributed Cage’s alleged behavior to his “alcohol addiction, depression and mental illness,” but do not go into more details about the alleged abuse.

Park also claimed that Cage’s ex-wife incited the violent behavior towards her.

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3. Park filed a restraining order against Cage’s ex-wife

Though Park claimed Cage abused her, her reason for bringing up the allegations have to do with Cage’s ex-wife, Kim. According to Park, Kim has been “stalking” her on social media. “She is going around town in LA and Vegas tarnishing my name, spreading lies and rumors, patronizing me, and trying to have [Cage] abuse me the way he did her,” Park claimed. “I am afraid and distressed from their toxic relationship being projected onto me.”


Park is seeking a restraining order to prevent Kim from speaking about her and her family. According to the court documents, Park is also “deathly afraid” of being physically stalked by Park.

4. Does Cage still love his ex-wife?

Cage and Kim married in July 2004 and filed for divorce 12 years later. According to Radar Online, Kim was caught cheating on Cage. Cage himself has said their split “was a shocker” for him. “I definitely didn’t see it coming,” he told The Guardian in October 2018, and said he hopes to at least remain friends with her. “She was quite young when I married her and I don’t really have any ill will towards what happened.”

According to court documents, a judge denied Park’s initial request for a restraining order.

It isn’t the first time Cage has been accused of domestic violence. In 2011, the actor was arrested on one count of domestic abuse.


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